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Binge Drinking in Canada

No description

Taylor Baillie

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Binge Drinking in Canada

What is Binge Drinking?
drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time causing intoxication
according to the Canadian Medical Association, a binge is considered to be one of the following:
5 or more drinks for men
4 or more drinks for men
all drinks must be consumed on one occasion for it to be considered a binge
greater public health problem than alcoholism (effects a higher percentage of drinkers)
Binge Drinking Stats
in 2008, 24.1 % of males (3.3 million) and 9.6% of females (1.4 million) reported binge drinking
between both sexes, people aged between 18 to 35 are more likely to participate in binge drinking
a Canadian study of emergency room departments found that 42% of patients with violent injuries had a blood alcohol content (BAC) over .08% (due to binge drinking)
a driver with a BAC of .10% if 50 times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident
Immediate Effects of Binge Drinking
Some of the immediate effects if binge drinking include:
trouble walking
low blood pressure
blurred vision
lowered breathing
slurred speech
lowered pulse
becoming aggressive
becoming violent
passing-out (unconscious)
cold, clammy skin
shallow breathing
severe dehydration
Long Term Effects of Binge Drinking
Some of the long terms effects of binge drinking include:
permanent brain damage
skin problems
stomach ulcers
vitamin deficiencies
sexual problems
mood changes
emotional changes
memory loss
liver damage
heart and circulatory problems
multiple types of cancer
psychological problems
legal problems
Statistics Surrounding Binge Drinking
By: Taylor Baillie
Binge Drinking in Canada
Effects, Symptoms and Dangers of Binge Drinking
Symptoms of Binge Drinking
symptoms of binge drinking include:
cold, clammy, pale, or bluish skin
non-responsive to efforts to be awoken
not waking up after vomiting
slow shallow breathing (8 breaths or less per minute)
not responding to being pinched, poked or shaken
rapid heart beat
unable to stand
What is a Blackout Party?
are the newest craze when discussing binge drinking
known to be outrageous dance parties that can lead to binge drinking and sexual assault
are usually put together by college and university students but high school students are now starting to participate
are currently popular within the United States (New Jersey)
Laws Surrounding Binge Drinking
Queen's University Drinking Laws - 2011
During Orientation Week, Sept. 4 – 12, 2011, it is the expectation that all Residence Dons and Council Member:
are required to initiate a conversation and document any alcohol in residence
will deny the entry alcohol into residence halls, regardless of age will require any alcohol that does enter into residence halls to be disposed of or surrendered
will refrain from possessing alcohol in residence
• Underage drinking is a violation of the Liquor License Act.
• Open alcohol is not permitted in Residence hallways, stairwells, foyers, common rooms, washrooms or elevators.
• Selling alcohol without a permit is illegal; you may be fined and/or be required to take alcohol education courses and/or you may face civil, criminal or university sanctions for violations.
• If you provide alcohol to any people attending your gathering, you may be held legally responsible for their well-being and the consequences of these actions while intoxicated.

Additional Laws Surrounding Drinking at Queen's University - 2011
How can YOU help?
How to Prevent Binge Drinking:
talk to friends to find out where you are going
have a budget and don't allow yourself to go over
keep tract of the amount of drinks you consume
What to do if Someone has Overdosed:
get medical help ASAP (call 911)
do not leave the person alone
place the person in the recovery position (on their side)
Dangers of Binge Drinking
dangers of binge drinking include:
losing control of ability to make smart decisions
sexual assault (both male and female)
videos may be filmed by others (which may be posted on the internet)
alcohol poisoning
possible drunk driving
medical complications
Additional Laws in Canada:
legal drinking age in Canada is 18 (Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta) and 19 (in remainder of provinces and territories)
cannot purchase, consume, or distribute alcohol until legal age
cannot purchase alcohol without showing ID
cannot operate or drive machinery with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08%
these are basic laws and are in place to help prevent underage drinking which in itself can lead to binge drinking
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