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Shoe Self Portraits


Heather Fittz

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Shoe Self Portraits

Shoe Self Portraits
What is a self portrait?
Why do artist make them?
Have you ever seen a self portrait like this one?
What clues do you see that
tell you something about this artist?
When do you think
this picture was painted?
This man's name is Andrew Wyeth.
Facts about Andrew Wyeth
Born in 1917
Grew up in Pennsylvania
Father was an artist, and gave him art lessons.
Home schooled
Inspired by movies
Died in 2009 in his sleep, at the age of 91
One of Andrew's most famous paintings, Christina's World.
About Trodden Weed
"If you're going to live a deep life rather than a shallow one, you have to embrace your roots. Wyeth was trained by his father, the great illustrator N.C. Wyeth, and when he came to paint his oblique 1951 self-portrait, "Trodden Weed," he portrayed himself walking the land of his forebears wearing boots that once belonged to his father's teacher, Howard Pyle. We all inhabit the past. We live among ghosts. And now Andrew Wyeth, who knew this better than anyone, is himself history."

-Edger Allen Beem, from an article lamenting the death of the famous painter.
Your Turn
1. Set up shoes to draw.
2. Sketch lightly in pencil. Expect to erase often.
3. Trace in Skinny Markers.
4. Color in with crayons. Make sure you color waxy. Don't forget you can mix colors!
By the End of ClassToday:
I have sketched my shoes in pencil.
My Name Grade and Group is one the back.
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