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Indian Trail school

About Indian Trail school

Daniel Miller

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Indian Trail school

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By Daniel Miller Indian trail school Trail Trees Indian Trail school got named after Trail Trees that Indians planted to create a path by which different Native American Tribes and Nations could meet for a trade, to settle grievances and keep peace among the tribes. Native Americans planted oak trees and bent them over parallel to the trail and pointing to the next marking tree. Tying it down with rawhide held by stakes or heavy rocks, a tree's upper branches touched the ground.
On May 4th, 2013 Highland Park district and the Historical Society of HP planted a Trail Tree in Sunset Woods Park just like Native Indians did.
After one year it will get bent to mark a trail.
I was a part of this event where I met Dennis Downes, the author of Native American Trail Marker Trees. It was historical moment! The history The reason Indian Trail was built was that Port Clinton School & Green Bay Road School had too many students. So, they built Indian Trail School. Port Clinton school was the first school in Highland Park. Later it was replaced by a two story brick building and named Elm Place Middle school. Port Clinton school was the first brick schoolhouse in Highland Park. Built in 1856, thirteen years before Highland Park was incorporated as a city. It was situated near the northern limits of Highland Park. Fun Facts Indian Trail school is 57 years old. It was built in 1956. The small gym has a stage in it. Back then there was only one gym, called the small gym. Now the school has the big gym, which is about 20 years old. If you are wondering if they ever used the fireplace, yes they did. In fact, the students used to come to the office and roast hot dogs in the fireplace!
There are 385 students at Indian Trail now. Even More Port Clinton avenue school built in 1869. Located on the site where Elm Place now stands. It faced Sheridan road, then known as Port Clinton avenue. On October 20, 1893, a new school old one on the corner. It was a two-story brick building containing a short time as an auditorium ; but because there was no fire protection, the practice was discontinued. The building still stands on the corner of Elm Place and Sheridan road. An addition was built at the north end of 1905. Previous to that date there was only play ground space there and a beautiful ravine. A small foot bridge was used as a means of crossing over to a vacant, wooded lot beyond. Cool Stuff At a meeting held on November 28, 1902, a committee of the board of education, in recommending an expert to investigate the heating and ventilating plant of the school, proposed also the purchase of additional land in connection with the present school building. There had been discussion for some time, but then the Board made a definite proposition to buy one hundred feet of land on Sheridan Road, immediately adjoining Elm Place property. From this point on the name Elm Place school was used exclusively. The committee also considered the purchase of seventy feet of
Lot 8 on Elm Place, Linden.
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