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Acid and bases


Paul Cushing

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Acid and bases

Acid and bases
taste sour (Fong 2009)
water soluble (Fong 2009)
very reactive (Fong 2009)
acids contain a H atom bonded to a non-metal (Science 10)
tastes bitter (Huq 2003)
feels slippery (Huq 2003)
corrosive (Huq 2003)
bases contain OH bonded to a metal (Science10)
Chemical Properties
Chemical Properties of
pH follows a logarithmic scale which means that with each increase in a pH of one there is a 10-fold effect on the concentration of the solution (Science10)
Eg. A solution with a pH of 2 is 10 X more acidic than a solution with a pH of 3
pg 271 #1-5
Binary acids
Hydro ___________ic acid
1/2 nonmetal
H ____________
polyatomic ion
________________ic acid
1/2 polyatomic ion
(Bishop 2010)
(Bishop 2010)
Bishop, M. (2010). Acid Nomenclature. In An Introduction to Chemistry. Retrieved October 5, 2011, from http://preparatorychemistry.com/Bishop_acid_nomenclature_help.htm.
Adam-Carr, C., Gabber, M., Hayhoe, C., Hayhoe, D., Hayhoe, K., & Sanader, M. (2010). Science10. Toronto: Nelson.
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