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Case Study: Tom Coronado

No description

Kimberly Jagdeo

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Case Study: Tom Coronado

Case Study: Tom Coronado
New computerized payroll system

Different wage rate categories
New hires
Overtime workers

Employees may not be entering info or knowing how to use the system correctly
Identify and correct the problem with the computer system
Get a new/different computerized system that is able to do the payroll correctly and have no errors to correct
no worrying about the system making mistakes
Have someone monitor the system to ensure that it is correct
system manager
More training for the current personnel
Tom Coronado is the manager of employee relations in Huse Manufacturing Company
came into work at 7:30 a.m.
had to deal with payroll errors from Friday's payday
had a 10:00 a.m. meeting with the executive vice president
received a call from Ted Brokenshire at 9:35 a.m.
- to speak at the Metropolitian Personnel Association
met with the vice president in his office and discussed the payroll situation
The payroll situation was being resolved
Tom had more to talk about at the Association meeting
Course concepts
Tell his boss during the meeting about the computer system problems so that a solution can be found and fixed
Correct the problem with the computer system or replace the current system
Once the system is corrected, it should no longer make mistakes.
This means there will be no future mistakes, which eases Tom's work load on a monday morning.
Primary Problem
The payroll's computer system makes many errors, leaving Tom to correct them.
Fixing the payroll system
With the computer's problem fixed, there will no longer be errors in the payroll.
This also means that Tom would not have any mistakes to fix every monday morning anymore.
Will let Tom do his assigned job to it's extent
Secondary Problem
Tom has to prepare himself to speak at the upcoming Association meeting.

Pros and Cons to the Solution
Solution 1: Correct the computer system
With respect to the payroll errors to be corrected on Monday mornings, Tom can ensure that the errors do not occur. Thus eliminating that aspect of his busy work schedule. In regards to his secretary being absent, he can either have an employee fill in, or have a temporary secretary (like a substitute), so that he will not have to deal with it, leaving more time for him to work on other things.
Solution 2:
May have to hire a "system manager"
More money is being spent to train new personnel
Solution 3: Have personnel oversee the system (system manager)
Little to no errors would occur with someone overseeing the program
The system would have someone to ensure accuracy
The system would no longer make errors
No money is spent in a new system
May be costly to pay a technician to fix the errors
The system may be down for repairs, making Tom have to do the payroll manually
by: Kimberly, Aamnah, Amanda & Lucy
Other Problem
His secretary is out sick, so he has to deal with all of the problems on his own.
Team work:
Employees can work together to correct errors made by the system
Employees can share the responsibility of checking the accuracy of the system
The employees of Huse Manufacturing can work as a team and use all members to check, correct and manage the computer system
This ensures that they work together, and the task of making sure the payroll is correct, which will be less time consuming for Tom.
Get a new/different computerized system
cost more to purchase and set up
Errors may occur again
Demolish any errors
Increase the productivity of the payroll
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