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Brave New World Chapter 12

by Hayley Severson

Hayley Severson

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of Brave New World Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Brave New World photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Summary In this chapter, Bernard loses his new popularity
because "the Savage" refuses to greet his party
guests. As all of the guests were only using Bernard
to see the Savage, they no longer had a use for him
and left. The chapter then skips from Lenina to Mustapha Mond to Bernard telling what they did the rest of the evening. Bernard is "his old self" no longer special and he earns back the friendships of John and Helmholtz. Meanwhile Helmholtz has experimented with poems about being alone which is considered unorthodox and John and Helmholtz become friends over Shakespeare. Bernard becomes disgruntled over their friendship and uses petty ways to irritate and take away from their time together. The reader sees the great divide between The Old World and New by Helmholtz's lack of understanding of Romeo and Juliet, emotions, and other concepts that are considered basic human characteristics. 5 Major Plot Events 1. John refuses to see Bernard's guests: not only does this bring Bernard back to "normal" but it shows how imperfect the society is... Even in a society that
is supposed to be only full of happiness, people are excluded and used for personal gain

2. Mustapha Mond denies publishing to new Biology Theory: this shows how ridiculously censored everything is and how the government supposedly promotes science but in reality it is only the science that helps them with control and increasing technology that is necessary and expanded

3. Helmholtz gets in trouble for writing poems about solitude: this is foreshadowing to what is soon to happen and is one of the reasons that Helmholtz gets sent to an island... however Helmholtz has also finally figured out what was missing in his writing- he found his voice

4. John and Helmholtz become friends: they each have similar opinions about solitude and the importance of language and build off each other while making Bernard sink lower into depression because of his jealousy... this friendship shows that the Old and New can coexist if not completely understand each other

5. Helmholtz laughs at Shakespeare: this shows the major differences between the Old World and the New World State... the lack of strong emotion, love, commitment, and family are evident in this conflict of ideas and beliefs 3 Important Quotes "...Before it's too late. A word of good advice... Mend your ways... mend your ways..." (176). This is significant because the Arch Community Songster warned Bernard that he needed to stop being alone and speaking against the government or something bad could happen to him.

"What fun it would be... if one didn't have to think about happiness!" (177). The Controller is unable to publish a book on a new theory of biology because it would interfere with the happiness and therefore stability of the World State. This shows how censored everything is and how truly the World State doesn't promote science.

"Well, I'd rather be unhappy than have the sort of false, lying happiness you were having there..." (179). John the Savage had the true meaning of life and happiness figured out while the others of the World State were so used to fake and imagined happiness that they thought his reasoning was strange.

"...'What an outcry there was! The Principal had me up and threatened to hand me the immediate sack...' 'But were your rhymes?'... 'They were about being alone...'" (181). Helmholtz wrote about being alone and was considered strange and punishable. The simple idea of being alone was considered strange to the people of the World State. Foreshadowing: When the Arch Community Songster warns Bernard to mend his ways, this hints that something is going to happen to Bernard or he's going to be punished.

Irony: The World State is all about science and technology but keeps most new ideas about biology and true science, besides what helps them, from all the people.

The Point of View in this chapter changes between Bernard, the Savage, the Controller, and Lenina almost as though all of these topics need to be touched on before the climax and all sides need to be considered.

Irony: The men and women were mad at Bernard for inviting them to his house on false pretenses- expecting to see the Savage but really they were the ones being fake and using Bernard. Literary Terms Personal Reflection I thought this chapter was interesting
because it led to the climax as well as showed
many major themes in the novel- being alone,
censorship, and jealousy. It showed another
side to Bernard's character as well as insight
into Mond's job as a "World Controller." It also
introduces the reason Helmholtz later gets
exiled. It is almost a collecting of thoughts
before the novel goes to its finish. I definitely
found it more informative and dramatic than
some of the other chapters as well as pretty
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