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Copy of BICS vs. CALP

Digital Poster Project for EDBE 4453

A. Young

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of BICS vs. CALP

BICS vs. CALP Cummins 4
Quadrant talking to peers on the playground
face-to-face conversation Missy Umphress
EDBE 4453 Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency formal language skills, including listening, speaking, reading and writing, used for academic learning.
(Peregoy and Boyle, 2005, p. 63) context embedded demonstrations
experiments context
reduced phone calls
notes from friends
instructions without pictures abstract concepts
SAT's Quadrant III (harder)
High context
High cognitive
demand Quadrant II (harder)
Low context
Low cognitive demand Quadrant IV (hardest)
Low context
High cognitive demand Basic Interpersonal
Communication Skills language skills needed for social conversation purposes
(Peregoy and Boyle, 2005, p.63) BICS
BICS-CALP can be illustrated by an iceberg. CALP BICS is typically acquired within 2 years. This is due to a student being able to add on to the "what I already know."
(Peregoy and Boyle, 2005, p.63) Jim Cummins was the first to distinguish between the two different forms of language skills
(Brantley, 2007, p. 19) For a student to be considered literate in a language they must have mastered BICS and CALP.
(Brantley, 2007, p. 19) Acquisition of CALP at the student's appropriate age level may take 5-7 years.
(Peregoy and Boyle, 2005, p. 64) It is important to understand the difference between BICS and CALP to avoid over-estimating a studen't overall competency level.
(Introduction To.) (Roessingh) Quadrant 1 (easiest)
High context
Low cognitive demand

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