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No description

Georgia & Ella

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of NIKE

Who invented NIKE? What was the first NIKE product? Where are NIKE products sold? The main places that NIKE get their materials from are China and Vietnam. Where do they get their materials from? NIKE turned 35 in January this year How old is NIKE? How much does NIKE pay their workers? How many people buy NIKE products? How much money do NIKE make? How did NIKE go global? Where are NIKE products manufactured? By Ella and Georgia NIKE

The company was founded on January 25th, 1964 by Phil Night and his running coach, Bill Bowerman.

The first Nike product sold in shops was a pair of blue sports trainers, made in 1972.
They are sold in USA, UK, France, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Turkey, Australia, Italy, Pakistan and the South of Russia. A NIKE factory in Thailand hire mostly women, they get paid just over $5 a week and younger girls get paid $3.85 a week. In 2010, Nike had $19.39 billion in revenue, which produced $2.94 billion in earnings. Almost all of NIKE products are manufactured in 34 different countries.

Most of this is in China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Taiwan, El Salvador, Mexico, India and Israel. Where was NIKE invented? NIKE was invented and first sold in America. How much profit did they make in 2010? In the end NIKE made $1.95 billion. How many factories do NIKE have? There are at least 500 factories all around the world, but there are none in America. On average more than 12 million products are sold every year. Where did their 'swoosh' come from? Phil Night hired a student called Caroline Davidson, who created half-dozen marks and ultimately selected the design globally as the Swoosh. Thank you for watching! Bill Bowerman Phil Knight NIKE went global in 1974, after people saw Michel Jordan running in them at a running event in America. How many people are employed for NIKE? Around 500,000 are employed worldwide. What does nike mean? NIKE means the Greek Goddess of victory. Who does NIKE sponsor? NIKE has started to sponsor Rory Mcilroy and is going to be paid 15 million dollars.
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