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We have a fraud! (TOK PRESENTATION)

No description

Nakya Butcher

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of We have a fraud! (TOK PRESENTATION)

We have a fraud!
Claim #1
The public is extremely trustworthy of doctors; most even have too much trust in the medical field, including the individuals involved: the staff, the patients, and the family
Claim #2
Stigma within a higher official with mental illness patient's credibility is very poor and is not believable to the justice system due to the patient having a record of mental illness.
Doctors induced Apryl into a coma and carried out 27 operations, including a buttock amputation and a quadruple lower arm and lower leg amputation
LITTLE ROCK — A man on death row for the killing of a University of Arkansas student should receive a new trial because his lawyer improperly abandoned a viable mental-illness defense during the trial
Real Life Situation
Adolescent and Family Institute of Colorado operated for nearly 30 years
A CNN investigation uncovered at least 15 civil suites and nearly two dozen complaints
Founder was not a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist in the state of Colorado
Lawsuits and complaints allege fraud, abuse, humiliation of patients.
Jessica Palmer was a standout soccer player who struggled with mental illness and drug addiction. She took her own life in 2012, at age 17, less than a year after leaving the Adolescent and Family Institute of Colorado.
Counterclaim #1
The guardian(s) of a child should be held responsible for their well-being and safety at all times
Counterclaim #2
The states should not be at fault due to the providential information provided
Knowledge Question
To what extent does the well-being of a child dependent upon the sense perception of a health facility?
The Real Question
How did an unlicensed professional, who led people to believe he was a medical doctor, run a facility for adolescents with mental illness and drug abuse problems for decades, despite complaint after complaint to state regulators alleging abuse?
Claim #3
The state should investigate the case and aid the helpless when advised
The new Gallup Health and Healthcare Survey shows that 70% of Americans are confident in their doctor's advice
Human sciences
Jocelyn Wildenstein
Dan Patrick Houston and his depression
Sense perception
United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
"The parent(s) or others responsible for the child have the primary responsibility to secure he conditions of living necessary for the child's development"
Colorado public records obtained by CNN detail similar complaints and other alleged abuses that date back to the mid-1980s.

During the approximately 30 years Panio ran his facility, state records show he was only registered to practice psychotherapy between 1992 and 1998. Then his registration expired. The state confirms he was never licensed as a psychiatrist or psychologist in Colorado.
A stricter system should be implemented by the state to ensure and execute the termination of a facility due to their wrong-doings
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