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Career Shadowing:Juwan Simmons

Carpenters Company

Juwan Simmons

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing:Juwan Simmons

Career Shadowing The purpose of the company is to satisfy their customers. They are to deliver products(Padding and Matresses to other companies) This company will have achieved alot although they have already achieved alot but they can still prosper. Purpose Where will we be in 15 yrs The workers have to be in correct uniform and must be on time everyday Employability Skills My mentor says he doesn't know what the average salary is but he says it may be somewhere between 40,000 to 55,000. You must have a license to drive a truck. Salary Technology Right now technology is not used often in this job but there are job phones, computers and some drivers need GPS's Like before you must have a license to drive and be very well aware of the truck and surroundings. You also must be nice when delivering. Skills I don't think that I would pursue a career in this business because i have other dreams although this job is interesting. To Pursue or Not to Pursue I like that you can work at this job but you aren't limited what you can do at this job Like Dislike There is not much i dislike about this job but I would only work for money unless it is a sport so the salery is what I dislike. . Juwan Simmons The End
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