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Maya Lin: First Amendment Hero

No description

abby watson

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Maya Lin: First Amendment Hero

What do People Think Now? Conclusion What Rights? Maya Lin utilized her freedom of expression while designing the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial. Maya Lin was harassed by people, because of her age, race, and gender when she won the Vietnam Veterans Memorial competition. Maya Lin:
First Amendment Hero Maya Lin's design is now a very popular site to visit in Washington D.C. When you go down and walk through, the wall blots out all other thought. You are over powered by the sheer number of the names on the wall. Some people cry, and others just walk through. The simplicity of the monument is what makes it so amazing. Maya Lin's monument will be one of your favorite monuments, if you ever go and see it. Maya Lin is a first amendment hero because she fought for her freedom of expression. When she won the competition it gave her the right to design that memorial, and she never backed down even when being harassed constantly. Today, Maya Lin's Vietnam Veterans' Memorial is the most disturbingly beautiful thing you will ever see. Freedom of Expression When Maya Lin entered her design into the Vietnam Memorial competition she won. Many people were opposed to this, because she was Asian, and we had been fighting Asians in the war. Besides this, she was also a young, 21 year-old female, so many people doubted her abilities. Bibliography Lin, Maya. Seeing the World Differently 16 Jun 2000. Jun . Print. http://www.achievement.org/autodoc/page/lin0int-1 Try to think back to the beginning of the year when we had the yearbook cover competition.
More specifically try to think about your opinions on it.
You probably had someone in mind that you wanted to win.
Afterwords some people thought that the competition was unfair.
Maya Lin entered a competition much like this, but on a national level and won.
Maya Lin is a first amendment hero, because she fought for the freedom of expression. Maya Lin was a young architecture student who saw the Vietnam Veterans memorial competition, and decided to make a design based on this competition for her end of the year project. Maya later decided to enter her design. Maya Lin's Story Why Was She So Unpopular? Although she won fair and square, people still objected. Even when it was accepted that she would be designing it, people were trying to get at least three statues that were 4ft. taller put next to it. Maya was very young when she did this, only 21 years old. Some people said they wanted someone with more experience to do the job. At the dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Maya Lin's name wasn't mentioned. Although the judges had liked her design they said it was "superbly harmonious" others said it was a "wall of shame" and often their criticism had racial overtones. Maya Lin was an artist, and art is expression. When she won the competition, the judges were saying that they liked her design the best. By denying her the chance to build her memorial to the veterans, people were denying Maya her first amendment rights. Since Lin won fair and square, she got the right to build her design. Maya Lin won, because the way she expressed herself through art caught the eye of the judges and this makes her a first amendment hero. Mystery ohioan 5 revealed: Maya lin. (2011, July 15). The columbus dispatch. Retrieved from dispatch, C. (2011, July 15). Mystery ohioan 5 revealed: Maya lin. The columbus dispatch. Retrieved from http://www.dispatch.com/content/blogs/a-look-
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