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Drug Abuse

No description

Erum Abdul Ghani

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Drug Abuse

Jovan Markee Brown
Example # 2
Example # 1
Example # 3
A boy who was very happy with his life and didn't need more. But when he turned 19 everything he had was gone. After that he felt that he had nothing and started to take drugs. He thought maybe drugs could fill up everything he lost. At the age of 24 he passed away because of drugs, specifically meth.
October 23, 2014
Written by: Erum Jehan Abdul-Ghani
How They Can Stop, What Can Help Them
Drug Abuse
Why Is Drug Abuse A Teen Issue?
The reason why drug abuse is a teen issue is because the teens are taking illegal and dangerous drugs which causes to harm their bodies. When they start taking drugs, they can't stop and eventually the issue becomes more critial which causes high possibilites of death amongst the teens.
Jonathan P. Champigny
At high school he started to take drugs and he would go partying and he disappointed his parents. But he still continued to take drugs. Soon he found out he was VERY sick and because of that he suicided.
Brian was a high school honours student who started to smoke pot. His parents didn't know that he was taking drugs until they noticed a change in him. When he started going to college, he got addicted to xanax and pain meds. He started becoming sleepy and withdrawn. Soon he stopped because his parents told him to. But he was found dead on top of his dad's van taking herion.
Why Drug Abuse
I chose this drug abuse because it can effect a person's behaviour. I want to show people that though taking drugs may be fun for sometime, but there are consiquences the person would have to face.

I did learn a lot of things from researching this project. I realized that this is very big issue in North America. I did not expect the issue to be that critical, even though it is the second biggest issue within North America. I feel that people should try to really stay away from drugs and shouldn't encourge it.
Depressed, and unwanted
Family, and friends
Happy, living the life, and probably became scared.
Thought clearly- is it doing any good to him? Is it good for him? And does he NEED to do it.
Controlled, he had not choice
Friends, because of peer preasure
He could have said no
How common is this issue?
2nd biggest teen issue
- 7% 8th graders

-39% 9th graders

-18% 10th graders

-22.7% 11th graders

-39% 12th graders
- Helplines to see a phycotherapist
- mindfullness clinic (14-18 year olds visit there a lot) (also great for other issues)
- Visiting a counsler could be an idea
- and comitting yourself
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