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The leadership of Richelieu and Mazarin

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Deijah Martin

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of The leadership of Richelieu and Mazarin

The leadership of Richelieu and Mazarin
Cardinal Richelieu's Achievments
Cardinal Mazarin's Achievements
Cardinal Richelieu used cut throat tactics to implement law and fear over his subjects, while Cardinal Mazarin relied on the failure of his enemies and his political ties to get the job done. Nevertheless, both Cardinals paved to the way for France's success in the
Cardinal Richelieu
Born: September 9, 1585 in Paris
Given Name: Armand Jean du Plessis
From birth was destined for a military career, switched to theology and became a Catholic Bishop of Lucon
1622- Became Cardinal of the Catholic church
1624- Chief minister of King Louis XIII
November 30, 1630- Day of Dupes: Louis XIII publicly avowed his trust
Considered to be one of the greatest politicians in French history
Cardinal Mazarin
Born: July 14, 1602 at Pescina, Abruzzi, Kingdom of Naples
Originally soldier/diplomat in service of the Pope, but met Richelieu in 1629 and transferred his allegiance to him
Caught Richelieu's attention by serving France instead of the Pope
1641- Richelieu vouched for Mazarin for Cardinal
Trained successor under Richelieu
1643- Became Chief Minister under Anne of Austria
Not liked by French nobles because he is not a natural citizen and perceived as weak-willed
Controlled Huguenots- Took away all political rights, but let them have their religious beliefs
Reformed army and navy
Crushed rebellions-"Testament politique stresses that all Frenchmen must be loyal to the king...To this end, any noble or Huguenot disobedient to the king would have to be crushed." Also had a network of spies
Advanced royal Absolutism
Increased taille cost to 2x the original cost
Supervised foreign polices to make France greatest power in Europe
Died in 1642, leaving Mazarin as his successor
Suppressed revolt- Used cleverness, Queen's loyalty, and mistakes of enemies
Won war against Spain-Peace of Pyrenees: November 1659. Also married Louis XIV to Spanish princess
Fulfilled Richelieu's goal of making the king supreme and France supreme in Europe
laid foundations for monarchy of Louis XIV
Died March 9, 1661 and left Jean Baptiste Colbert as his successor
1. Who was Mazarin the Successor of?
2. What is the Day of Dupes? Why is this important?
3. How did the tactics to assert authority differ between the two cardinals?
4. Who became Cardinal in 1622?
5. Who did not like Mazarin and why?
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