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A science Project

Thea Montemayor

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Density

Density You can find density by finding the mass
and volume, then divide the two. When an object is placed in a less dense liquid or
gas,the object will sink. The object will float if the density
is the same. Water has more mass than corn oil,
as a result water will be on top of corn oil. Density relates to how much mass of a material is
in a given amount of volume. Salty water increases the desity of an object. Density can help you find the different
weights of two items. Density - The amount of mass in a certain object! The definition of density is ____?
a. The mass of an object
b. the weight of an object
c. the mass and volume of an object What do you have to do to find density?
a.Eat an apple
b. find the mass and chemical change
c.find the mass and volume then divide the two
d. find the volume and physical change and add the two Questions: Which has more density, corn oil or water? examples: Numero 1 :Balloon density
o.85 kg zwei: water
0.9982 kg Tatlo: Neutron star
10 km Quatro:For Mrs.Staudt
1 bushel of apples:
35.23 liters. Cinq: Banjo vs. Thea Thank You for listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Each team will get a chance to
guess weather an object will float or not.
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