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How Erik's choices affect Paul

No description

Jasmine Hernandez

on 7 June 2014

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Transcript of How Erik's choices affect Paul

Erik tells Arthur to hit Luis.
In page 263 and 264 of Tangerine,Paul has a flashback and remembers what has happened to him,this is the passage "Then I felt Erik grab me from behind, easily pinning both of my arms with one of his.I could hear my voice crying 'I didn't do it! I didn't do it!' And I remember Erik's fingers prying my eyelids open while Vincent Castor sprayed white paint into them."Paul is remembering what happened to his eyes,and it was Erik and his friend Vincent Castor who blinded him with spray paint.This is important because this effected Paul's eyesight.He thought his whole life,up until now,that he stared into an eclipse and that's how he got blind,and because of that lie he was told he thought he was stupid.Being legally blind also got him kicked off the Lake Windsor Middle soccer team.
On page 205 of Tangerine,Erik lashes out on Tino.''Immediately,faster than we thought he could,faster than Tino thought he could,Erik lashed out,smashing the back of his hand across Tino's face smashing him so hard that Tino spun halfway around in the air and landed on the grass.'',Erik was so furious so he slapped Tino.This is significant because Erik caused Paul to loose his friends.Notonly that but then Luis,Tino''s older brother wanted to fight Erik,Paul then witnessed Luis being assaulted,and he knows how Luis was killed.
n page 211-212 Luis confronts Erik for what he did to Tino.''He turned to Arthur and said,'We may have a situation here,Bauer,'...Arthur reached Luis turned and whipped the blackjack around with a loud whack against the side of Luis's head..Erik quickly walked passed Luis.He explained for the benefit of his group,''Arthur takes care of all my light work''',Luis,Tino's older brother,went to Erik's school to fight him for what he did to Tino.Instead of fighting Erik "Signaled" Arthur to hit Luis with the blackjack.
In conclusion the choices Erik Fisher made effected Paul the most.
How Erik's choices affect Paul

By:Jasmine Hernandez
Erik Fisher's choices have the greatest
impact on Paul Fisher because they affect his life,self-confidence,and he always gets dragged into Erik's bad problems.
Erik chooses to spray paint in Paul's eye
Erik Hits Tino
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