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Happy Feet

BSG Final Presentation

Shyanne Helms

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of Happy Feet

Happy Feet
Analyze Performance
Lessons Learned
Moving Forward
BSG Final Presentation
By: Shyanne Helms

Summarize Performance
Game-to-Date Score:
Year 11
EPS: $1.82
ROE: 11.3%
Stock: $16.97
Year 12
Year 13
Year 14
Year 15
EPS: $2.98
ROE: 16.1%
Stock: $34.39
EPS: $2.02
ROE: 9.6%
Stock: $19.39
EPS: $2.68
ROE: 11.5%
Stock: $30.38
EPS: $2.48
ROE: 9.6%
Stock: $26.22
Earnings Per Share
Return on Equity
Stock Price
Net Revenues
Average EPS Year 15: $5.98
Happy Feet's EPS Year 15: $2.48

Put it into perspective...
More bad news...
The highest ROE percentage in Year 15 was 29.7%
Happy Feet's ROE percentage in Year 15 was 9.6%
Happy Feet's Average
Stock Price (Y11-Y15): $25.45

0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150
Leader's Average
Stock Price (Y11-Y15): $149.80

1.) Take Risks
Being too cautious with conservative borrowing
leads to lack of market share and limited

Spend money to receive higher profit margins
Spend money to increase image rating
Spend money to increase plant capacity to control market
Play the competitors
Using the yearly reports to stay
on track with what our competitors
are doing is ESSENTIAL!
I learned that you must adapt and
make changes to your strategy often
to be successful.
Control market share by increasing
plant capacity & output
Proactive vs Reactive... Anticipate changes
in market and predict competitors' moves
More models & output = more money
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