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Drugs Awareness

No description

Nick Radley

on 16 June 2011

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Transcript of Drugs Awareness

Drugs Awareness What do we want to learn? 1 2 3 To enable students to make healthy, informed choices To develop our knowledge and challenge attitudes To have a fun and interactive session Lets define a drug... Addictive Illegal Dangerous Medicine Exciting Adventurous Fun A substance people take to change the way they; A fact... Opium was the first recorded drug to be used in 1000 AD for recreation In 2007, over half a million people died in England and Wales. Of these, 829 were Heroin or Morphine related Attitude Challenge no 1 Yet, Smoking related illnesses cause around 106,000 deaths a year! Cannabis Do you know the side effects? Munchies
Chilled out
Panic Attacks
Memory loss
Cost! Attitude Challenge no 2 Yes! Continued regular use of cannabis can be difficult to overcome You may find you have difficulty stopping regular use and you may experience psychological and physical withdrawals when you do stop Is cannabis addicitve? Drug Classifications Did you know there are three drug classifications based on how dangerous they are?
They are A, B & C Question:
So is it safer to take a class C drug then? Obviously not!
You never know how your body will react to it
If it was safe, would it be illegal? So what will happen to me if I am in possesion of these drugs? Class A Class B Class C Possession - 7 years
Dealing - Life Possession - 5 Years
Dealing - 14 years Possession - 2 years
Dealing - 14 years Should drugs be decriminalised? Discussion Do you know what Acts of Law are included in the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971? The Medicines Act 1968
Road Traffic Act
Drug Trafficking Act
Licensing Laws
Children and young persons (protection from Tobacco) Act
Drugs abroad Did you know?... That in 2009, 2582 UK citizens were arrested and 1057 sentenced for drug offences abroad?! The death sentence can be handed down against people convicted of drug smuggling in China, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand Amsterdam - Why do we love it? In America a charity called "Project Prevention" offered £200 for frequent drug users to be sterilised Discussion How would you discuss the topic of drug use with children? Attitude Challenge no 3 Game: EJECTOR Do you have any further questions? If you have any concerns, please contact Student Services for confidential support and advice

Pop in to see us at Hitchin or Stevenage,

or telephone
01462 443079 (Stevenage)
01462 424331 (Hitchin)

or email:
or agonyaunt@nhc.ac.uk (anonymous)
Game: "I packed my bag with..." and
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