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adobe photoshop

The gang puts together a prezi

Hala Ennakoa

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of adobe photoshop

Adobe Photoshop
by: Dirt Grub & Ronnie the Rat
this is the Photoshop icon
if you want to enter the Photoshop program you click on it
after clicking on it , a window will pop up that is the Photoshop window
Photoshop looks like this when opened
Ronnie the rat and Dirt Grub
in court
What is Photoshop?
Photoshop is a program used
to edit images.
Photoshop can be used to create digital art
like this
it can also be used to restore old pictures

making 3-d art on Photoshop is also an
Careers that Use Photoshop
Web Designers-
Being a photographer takes more than taking
pretty photos, you have to be able to edit them to make the photos into what you, or your clients, may want. So, many professional photographers use Photoshop to add a filter, remove blemishes, put in extra light sources, and many other things.
Using Adobe Photoshop, a web designer can
easily make what they need to please their customers, such as logos, backgrounds, headers, etc.
The History
Thomas and Glenn Knoll created it
When first created in 1988 it was called "Image Pro"
Then adobe jumped on board with them around 1990 and they changed the name to Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop is 24 years old since Adobe adopted it
Kitten Mittens
Lethal Weapon 6
Advertisers need to make the company or brand
that they are working for look good. They use Photoshop to do this. Advertisers create logos, packaging, ads, and more, so Photoshop is a vital part of their job.
How I Will Use Photoshop in the Future
knowing how to use Photoshop in the future
will make getting a job in the world much easier
Many jobs now that have good pay use Photoshop
When they see you already know how to use it they will hire you for sure
Knowing how to use Photoshop opens many doors in the business world
Artist: Jason Levesque
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