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Career Shadowing

No description

zoe gibbs

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Lakeland Police Department! (: I career shadowed detective Kelli Collins. Durring my day at the LPD I followed around one of the crime lab lady's and sat in the 911 room for awhile and got to listen in on some calls. I also listened in on the police radio. Detective Collins took me around the building. Showing me the evidence area and the holding cells. She also showed me around some of the office's there. I definitly want a career like this in the future. Preferably the crime scene investigations. I find that job very interesting and its always been something Ive wanted to do. The reason for this company is to protect the people of the city. This company will still be here 15 years from now,but with newer technology. Skills needed for this job are technology skills,people skills,common sense,fire arm skills,and you must be physically fit. The average salary per year for this job is 60,000. The education needed for this job is a 2 year college degree,but 4 years is preferred. The technology that is used in this job is mobile computer units,GPS,software systems,tazers,911 call system,radios. The Mckeel Employability SKills needed for this job are you need to have your shirt tucked in,you must be organized,good attitude,and you must be respectful.
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