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Hell Girl

No description

Maria utvenko

on 9 December 2010

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Transcript of Hell Girl

What is
Hell Girl Vengeance is hers... Her name is Ai Enma, or Hell Girl, and you can summon her to send your enemies to the depths of hell. But beware: calling upon her powers comes with its own steep price... Characters Ai Enma Also known as the Hell Girl, Ai is the preternaturally expressionless young girl who comes to deliver vengeance on behalf of those who submit their grievances to HellCorrespondence.com. Though not much is known about this mysterious young maiden, her fate is one of eternally ferrying the damned to Hell, as atonement for some dark deed done... Something tragic surely lies in her past. Wanyuudou One of Ai's assistants, in human form Wanyuudou appears as a man of considerable age, dressed in relatively out-of-date attire. The red scarf he wears is suggestive of the red string around his neck when Wanyuudou takes on the form of the black straw doll, given to the recipient of Hell Girl's services. His voice rings out eerily with his release, "Your grievance shall be avenged." Wanyuudou also serves as Ai's coach between the worlds, his face in the fiery wheels and Hell Girl's mark upon its walls... Ichimokuren Another of Ai's assistants, Ichimokuren most often appears as a handsome young man, even displaying a bit of vanity from time to time. He can also take on the form of a single, sizable eye, able to pierce deep within the confines of any structure to spy upon the deeds done by the soon-to-be damned. His interest and occasional puzzlement of human interactions hint at something non-human in his past. Hone Onna The last of Ai's assistants, Hone Onna is a devastatingly beautiful woman dressed in the traditional attire of a geisha. As with Ichimokuren, she is prone to bouts of vanity, but only when her age is called into question. Hone Onna will occasionally dress in casual clothes to enter human society in order to investigate the soon-to-be damned, often with Ichimokuren in tow, and even sometimes Ai herself...
http://www4.funimation.com/video/?page=video&v=2766 produced by Funimation Entertainment Video
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