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School Captain Presentation

No description

Liam McDermott

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of School Captain Presentation

School Captain Presentation
Liam McDermott.

What I Will Bring To The Role
1. Good Leadership qualities.

2.Good Communication Skills.

3.Honest and Hard Work.

4.Experience and Maturity.
Leadership Skills
I have experienced leadership roles on several occasions.

I am currently Captain of the Moorefield Minor Football Team.

I have also captained my county on several occasions.
Good Communication Skills
I have established good communication skills having captained both my club and county teams.

I have established good communication skills as I was project manager for my TY mini company on several occasions.

Being a good communicator involves listening to your colleagues troubles or ideas and helping them as much as possible.It also involves giving instructions to colleagues in an easy and understanding manner.
As a captain,I am not afraid to take charge in the role.I know all about team work and also helping others.
I have contributed to the school by playing several sports such as gaelic football,basketball and also soccer.

Since joining the school,I have never received detention and I've never been suspended.I currently have 0 points on the point system which shows I have had respect for both my fellow students and also for teachers.

I am a punctual person and also I have not missed a day since joining the School.
I am a good public speaker and also I'm a people's person. My job for the summer was advertising the new Mercedes CLA Model.This shows that I am a confident individual and get on with other people.
If i was chosen to be school captain,I would try my best to be the best I can possibly be.

I am an innovative person so I would try to come up with new ideas to improve the School and Student council.

Finally,I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for giving me a chance to speak to all of you today.I hope you consider me for School Captain.
Thanks For Listening!
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