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Digital Marketing to Latinos in 2013

Hispanics make up 17% of the US population in 2013. Learn how brands market to these complex digital Latinos.

Eric Diaz

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Digital Marketing to Latinos in 2013

Hispanics make up 17% of
the US Population in 2013.
Who Am I?
Digital Marketing to Latinos in 2013
Co-owner Social Media Spanish
Partnership with Non-Profits
So how are brands in 2013 marketing to a group as complex as digital Latinos?
Brands you may imagine
Brands you may not imagine are marketing to Latinos in 2013
Who is She?
And her?
Celebrities are King...
US born Latino consumer
English dominant
Co-owner Social Media Spanish
Foreign born immigrant
Latina consumer
Spanish dominant
Social Media Spanish Employee
US born Latino consumer
Spanish dominant
Latino Celebrities sell
Latina Bloggers are spreading the word
Spanish language websites
Hispanic focused social media
Digital ads find online Hispanics
Sometimes a landing page or micro-site is enough...
Is your brand prepared
for the next step?
P&G partners with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund to assist undergraduate latinos, increasing their presence with the Hispanic community
Post Foods endorses Latin musician Prince Royce to promote Honey Bunches of Oats, thus gaining awareness with the Hispanic market
Burt's bee's added a Spanish version of their website to catering to the Hispanic Market
Febreze created a spanish
Facebook page to focus on their spanish speaking consumers...
Air Wick focused on their consumers in Mexico ...
and Dial on the Hispanic Market in general
Clorox has a similar strategy
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