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The Socially Conscious Blog

No description

Valencio Cardoso

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of The Socially Conscious Blog

Socially Conscious A story of how I found my cause Consumers


Leaders Socially Conscious August (2010) I decided to take a break from the Ad world, I had lost my passion... Focusing on my core values...I realized that I've wanted to "help" people: Make a Positive Impact So I started Volunteering: Using my skills to "Help" people... in the process...meeting many wonderful people. People who just gave, people who were helping other people... Then one day I had my friends over for dinner, and the conversation led to causes, non-profits, and doing good... I started explaining to them about social good, and orgs like Kiva, FreeRice, TED, etc... They had no clue of what I was talking about... After they left, I thought...if my friends were this excited discovering these causes, then I'm sure there are others out there who'd love to learn too... Why don't I just write about all these initiatives, and just post it online for everyone else? And so a theory emerged... that people tend to be... but in order to do so,
they needed to become more... about the different causes
that are out there... before finding their own! So I set out to create this "Socially Conscious" blog... and stumbled upon,
South African illustrator:
Alex Latimer... then I skinned his illustrations... and thanks to Lola Lopez,
Mohammad from Qatar
volunteered to develop it... And so, together - Shawn and I did it... And just like that, was born. excited, yet nervous -
I posted the articles online... and went to... The next morning: I woke up, brushed my teeth,
jumped on to my comp, and found this... Elated, I did my happy dance... But wait, Val you're only passionate about social-media
and corporate responsiblity... No worries, I'm sure there are others like me... So let's open up this blog: Passionate Writer's Welcomed! First Came... Who wrote about... then, more writers came on board... And suddenly, we had all these passionate people,
developing their own awesome storylines... Like when Uzma... met Sheena Mathieken at TEDxDubai, and then wrote about her cause - the Uniform Project... and Zuri... who was asked by Open Planet Ideas (WWF & Sony), to write for them... or when, Crystal Huskey... ...connected with Josh Tetrick from 33Needs, who
agreed to support her social venture on his platform So with the blog done, I needed to write some articles, however... I was really worried... because I'm a designer, not a writer!!! And he said to me... Why don't you just go ahead and write the technical parts, I'll edit... So I had a convo with my cousin
(who I discovered was a writer)... Boosted - I wrote, and wrote, and wrote some more... What about...the other categories ?!? So I explained to them exactly what these Orgs did, how they did it and the tremendous impact they were having... Readers Discovering Causes Getting Inspired Sharing & Contributing Social Causes
& Initiatives Passionate Writers Posting About Initiatives so stepping back for a moment, I realized that there was an ecosystem happening here... Everyone was consuming, contributing, and even leading So going back to my cause... Honestly, when I first started this journey, it was more of an experiment, a solo one... so that we can all... I feel that it's my responsiblity to
continue pushing this platform further however, along the way I started picking up all these passionate people ...and consequently, At some point in your lives, an experience or an event, will lead you to a cause. Collectively Contribute to the Greater Cause
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