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Triangle Trade

No description

Ashley Ad

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Triangle Trade

Slavery in the Americas Jumpstart Define the term interdependence.

Give two of your own examples of interdependence within the classroom or around the world. Slavery vs.
Indentured Servitude Triangle Trade Slavery Today Exit Ticket Explain in 3-5 sentences how America, England, and countries in Africa were interdependent on each other in the trading process. Colonies Europe Africa West Indies Triangle Trade American
Colonies Resources &
Raw Materials Africa Europe Slave Labor Manufactured
Goods Yes, it still exists. Indentured
Servitude Slavery BOTH http://www.brainpop.com/socialstudies/ushistory/slavery/ youtube.com/watch?v=ll7_0dPzGiE youtube.com/watch?v=dnV_MTFEGIY American

Resources &
Raw Materials



Slave Labor

Goods Jumpstart Anticipating the Lesson How many people are in the classroom? How many students attend GCMS? How many students are there
in Cumberland County? Why do we not know the exact number of students as the group of people we count grows larger? Why does it matter if students are treated like individuals? Historians face the same problem. Without knowing the individuals, people only become numbers. Brainstorm List AS MANY people as you can on your paper. It can be family, friends, schoolmates, and people you know within the community. 5 MINUTES TOTAL the NUMBER of PEOPLE

WRITE IT. CIRCLE IT. # Respond "Whenever we turn people into numbers and back again, we invariably lose something, and what we lose is life." What can you do to help yourself remember that these are people rather than numbers? Finished? Write your idea on an index card to be placed on the bulletin board. Define the following vocabulary terms.

Indentured Servant
Describe each term using notes from yesterday's class. Describe at least TWO similarities and FOUR differences. http://www.inmotionaame.org/migrations/landing.cfm?migration=3 The Math 1. Find the class total using the numbers written on the board 3. Using y, solve the following
y / 180 =
y / 365 = 2. Find 12,000.000/x = y
x = Class Total
Solve for Y School years to name all slaves
Solar years to name all slaves Ivor Noël Hume Write your number on the board What does the number 12 million
mean to you? I'm Stuck! life of a slave in Africa
losing a family member
leaving your siblings
losing your name
losing your religion/culture
journey on the ship
forced labor
being owned/property
being abused or tortured Image Collection Mr. Marshall's World History Reading Slavery Timeline It http://www.slavevoyages.org/tast/assessment/estimates.faces?module=timeline Mapping It http://www.eduplace.com/kids/socsci/books/applications/imaps/maps/g5s_u3/index.html News It http://www.nick.com/videos/clip/legacy-slavery-clip.html http://www.inmotionaame.org/migrations/landing.cfm?migration=1 Discuss It What would it be like if every day for centuries people were being pulled out of their lives and communities to be enslaved?

How would you feel about being pulled from your family and friends to work in a foreign land for no pay? Exit Ticket Name THREE challenges or conflicts that slaves of the English colonies faced at the hands of their masters. Jumpstart Slavery WebQuest Log-In to EDMODO Use CHROME not
BLACK BEARS XPTTNE How would you feel about being pulled from your family and friends to work in a foreign land for no pay?

Write five sentences Jumpstart Analyze the painting. What is happening in this city's downtown? Describe the scene and the emotions of the people in five sentences. Slavery If you had your own time capsule buried in Gray’s Creek, what would you leave in it to tell future people about your generation and your society? Creating a Runaway Notice The year is 1732. Your best slave, the one that plants your fields has dissapeared and with the pending harvest season approaching, you will be destitute without his or her help.

Create your own Runaway Slave notice.
Include a Reward, Description, and Possible Locations.
Extra: What about punishment for those harboring or providing safety to the fugitive? Exit Ticket
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