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His Dark Materials part 2 Overview (play script)

Click to go through each stage of events! don't try to read each tiny one :L

Sam Blenkin

on 13 March 2011

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Transcript of His Dark Materials part 2 Overview (play script)

His Dark Materials Beautiful play... Sure... Anyway about the play. The play is centered around Will and Lyra
who come from different worlds, Will
from ours and Lyra from her world of daemons. In our part of the play will and lyra have
met and are now travelling together, will looking for his father. Trust me its all you need to know! Meanwhile, mrs coulter is searching for lyra herself as the church begins to realise lyra could be a threat to its rule over society, which is strong. she is Eve who tempted adam ended humanitys 'innocence'
so no sex in other words. :L lord asriel plans to wage war against god or the authority and he has his plans to gain the knife that will has, as this can kill the Authority. So while all this is going on,
will and Lyra meet the witches,
and will finds his Dad who is unfortunately killed by Ruta skadi, the witch Wills Dad rejected when he came to Lyra's world. The witches are killed by The spectres Mrs Coulter has under her control, and kidnaps Lyra, when will returns from his Dads death, he finds dead witches and Balthamos, an angel. He guides Will and tries persuade him to go to Lord Asriel with the knife. But will needs to find lyra first and seeks help from iorek byrnison the king bear. they, along with the brother jasper (the church) and lord asriel advance with their raiding parties to lyras cave where mrs C has hidden her. Will, lyra and iorek escape,
but will breaks the knife while cutting a window to another world with it. (by thinking of his mum). Iorek, being a legend manages to fix the knife in a makeshift furnace and then will and lyra go to find roger and wills dad (who are both dead) in the land of the dead. i would personally recommend reading the script for the land of the dead part, too much to explain. then comes the big battle, lord asriel vs
god basically. gods home the clouded mountain appeares and the battle begins.
meanwhile will and lyra manage to cut a window into the outside and free the dead ghosts. But brother jasper has other ideas sets out to kill lyra once and for all. he is stopped by mrs coulter using her womanly charms to subdue him and then she and lord asriel jump into the abyse in the lAND OF THE DEAD WITH BROTHEr J.
The authority dies and the church brought low by the 2 children freeing the ghosts. So then the kids fall in luuuv but sadly must seperate themselves forever, as each window must be closed, to stop dust form seeking out. pretty sad really. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 any questions facebook me (:
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