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Maat en harmonie in de klassieke bouwkunst

College Paters Jozefieten 2de jaar

Geschiedenis CPJ

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of Maat en harmonie in de klassieke bouwkunst

[3] Now, therefore, we entreat you by the gods of Hellas to save your Ionian kinsmen from slavery. This is a thing which you can easily achieve, for the strangers are not valiant men while your valor in war is preeminent. As for their manner of fighting, they carry bows and short spears, and they go to battle with trousers on their legs and turbans on their heads. [4] Accordingly, they are easy to overcome. Furthermore, the inhabitants of that continent have more good things than all other men together, gold first but also silver, bronze, colored cloth, beasts of burden, and slaves. All this you can have to your heart's desire.
Herodotus 5.49.3-4
The Histories
Aristagoras seeks Spartan help
The Athenians were persuaded and voted to send 20 ships to assist the Ionians, appointing as their commander Melanthios, a distinguished citizen in every respect. But these ships were the beginning of troubles for both the Greeks and the barbarians
The Histories
Aristagoras Seeks Athenian Help
Athene: De Wonderen van de Acropolis
Harmonische tempels
Maat en Harmonie in de Griekse bouwkunst
Drie bouwstijlen
Waarom bouwden de Grieken?
Opvallende kenmerken?
- eenvoud
- harmonie
- evenwicht tussen horizontale en
verticale lijnen
Voor hun Goden
Waarom staan de zuilen zo dicht bij elkaar?
Technische beperkingen
Om het zware dak te dragen.
Eenvoudig, sober kapiteel, ondiepe schaduwgroeven, stoer

Slank, diepe groeven, elegant voetstuk, spiraalvormig kapiteel

Net als Ionische, maar met bladvormig kapiteel

Marmer (hard, glad)
Kalksteen (bleek, poreus, zacht)

zin voor maat en harmonie
Nike tempel
800 VC
700 VC
400 VC
1400 VC
1700 VC
2000 VC
4de eeuw VC: 13.000 toeschouwers
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