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Great Britain

Mike Hitzenberger/Thomas Holzinger (HTLVB/5AHMIM)

Mike Hitzenberger

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Great Britain

Index General overview of the United Kingdom

History of the UK

Economy in the UK

Political system

school system

Culture general overview of the United Kingdom population of about 58,1 mio. people
don´t have a written constitution
there is a constitutional monarchy with an parliamentary system
head of State: Royal family
head of parliament: David Cameron

includes 4 other countries Welcome to our presentation Mike Hitzenberger
Thomas Holzinger Great Britain history of the UK first settlement of the Celtic peoples from Europe 450 b.C 10th c. the Romans conquered England and Wales
introduced Christianity and the Latin language After the reign of the Vikings in the 8th and 9 th century, the Kingdom arises 1 - 5 c. England united to the Kingdom of Great Britain 1536 Scotland united to the UK throught Jakob 1. 16 th c. the Parlament of England, Scotland, and Wales joined the UK 1707 England Scotland Wales Economy Inport - Export
Unemployment Political system house of common house of lords royal family culture inport: machine tools, motor vehicles, industrial equitment export: electronic machineries, paper, textiles, scientific equitment, ships 42 mio. people history of the UK independence of any British colonies 1914 UK concluded an alliance against Germany Britain declares war on Germany after Germany's invade Poland
Unemployment, economic crash 1939 1979 19.th c. Accession to the European Union EU sports Populatest team sport is soccer

rugby and cricket

only sometimes a joint team food Meals: breakfast (8 am)
Lunch (12-1 pm)
dinner (6 pm)
supper (late in the evening) FIsh ´n´Chips English Breakfast media round information station: BBC most important
radiats in UK but also other countires tabloid newspaper: quality newspaper: "The Sun" "The Times"
"The Daily Telegraph" Queen Elisabeth II born in 1926
the Queen since 1952
4 children (Charles, Anne, Andrew, Edward) famous royal couples: Prince Charles and Lady Diana
Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince Harry The Royal Guard: very disciplined
have to stand still all the time lower house
650 members
elected for 5 years
Prime minister: David Cameron upper house
seats are inherited by nobles or priests
or awarded for live School system school attendence from 5. to the 16. year of life

playgroup, nursery school, toddler group

12 to 13 weeks of vacation

school from Monday till Friday and lessons between 9 and 15 o´clock

all students change up to the next higher class

they have to wear a
school uniform  Grades:
A > 80% (sehr gut)
 B > 70% (gut)
 C > 60% (befriedigend)
 D > 50% (knapp durchgefallen)
 E > 40% (nicht bestanden)
 F < 40% (nicht bestanden) Mike Hitzenberger
Thomas Holzinger Thank you for your attention Northern Ireland capital city: Belfast
1,7 mio inhabitants
completely separate from Ireland
Language: English, Irish capital city: Cardiff
3 mio. inhabitants
national language: Welsh, English
important for Rugby connected to UK in 1707
capital city: Edinburgh
5 mio. inhabitants
includes the Shettland- and Orkney islands
language: English, Lowland Scots, Scottish Gaelic
important from whiskey, bagpipe, kilt...
until 2020 --> electricity from 100% renewable energy
strive for the country's independence until 2014 capital city: London
42 mio. inhabitants
seat of the royal family
head of the financial world 560 billion U.S Dollar 406 billion U.S Dollars unemployment fell from 7,9% to 7,7%
2,5 mio jobless people
too much jobs
youth is studing tradional marks fall (Bentley, Jaguar, Landrover...)
Financial services rise (81,4 %)
Industrie (17,3%)
Agriculture (1,3%)
Automobile manufacturers are in other hands
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