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Herbert Spencer

No description

Jim Webb

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Herbert Spencer

Herbert Spencer
Born in Derby, England on 27 April 1820, the eldest of nine children, but the only one to survive infancy.
Social Darwinism
"Society's Natural Selection"
Competition Theory
- Modern emphasis of the
sciences and mathematics

- School voucher system

- Decreased government
involvement in education

- Interactive education.
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Spenser: social darwinism in
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manifestations of natural phenomena.

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Industrial Revolution
and the Victorian Era
Utilitarian Education
21st Century Applications
The fittest survive because of skills, intelligence, and adaptability.
- Coined the phrase "Survival of the fittest"
- Applied theory to all branches of knowledge.
- The fittest humans take over the earth

- The lazy, stupid, or weak would slowly
An Industrialized Society
needs scientific and tech-
nological skills and subjects
Spencer emphasized science and technology in the curriculum.

Prepare individuals to be efficient producers in a
industrial society.
- Schools should compete against each

- Favored private schools who would
compete for the brightest students
Scientific Approach

- The only way to gain useful knowledge

- Religion was a futile attempt to gain
knowledge of the unknown

- Wanted to replace theological systems of
the Middle Ages with his philosophical

- Considered learning Latin and Greek
languages, literature, and history to be
Wanted teachers to be curriculum and instructional innovators.
Learning should be a sensory experiment where students interact with environment.
Opposed rote memorization and recitation.
Modernize curriculum that focused on:

- Physical Science
- Biological Science
- Social Science
- Applied Technology
- Applied Engineering
Today he would probably include:

- Computer Literacy
- Genetics
- Bioengineering
Sensory Learning. Organized Categories.
Spencer would oppose "No Child Left Behind", but may have approved of "Race to the Top".
Spencer would be considered a realist.

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