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How Does Video Games affect Children, Teens and Their Behaviors?

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Ricardo Vera

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of How Does Video Games affect Children, Teens and Their Behaviors?

Children and Teenagers have many forms of entertaining themselves. However, there is one popular form for entertaining children and teenagers and that is playing video games. There has been a huge debate that video games can influence a child or teenager’s behavior, more particular in a violent way. “Violent video games have been blamed for school shootings, increases in bullying, violence towards women, and other violent criminal behavior.” There were many studies conducted that researched if violent video games influence the players to act aggressive or violently. In contrast, there have been studies that stated that video games can help make you a better human being. There were studies done to observe effects on playing pro-social video games. It was concluded that the more they play, the more they learn and become helpful. At this moment, it’s up to the parents to watch over what video games their children play. Abstract Loyalties

Video Game Companies:
* to the manufacturers and retailers that stock and sell the games to the public.

* to their children to give them what they want. Values
Video Game Companies:
*Fans Principles

Mill's Principle of Utility

* "Seek the greatest happiness for the aggregate whole"
*The greatest possible balance of good and evil.

Kant's Categorical Imperative

*"Act on that maxim which you will to become a universal law"
*What is right for one is right for all. Conclusion

I believe the parents have to do their job. if parents were to thoroughly explain these violent messages and discuss them and eventually challenge them, the kids will be able to cognitively think and create a rational reasoning as to why that specific violent act is wrong. This helps children and young adults successfully interpret the violent and aggressive material and give them the ability to overcome the violence in the media the effect it has on their attitudes and behavior, thus becoming more critical and analytical thinkers. How Does Video Games affect Children, Teens and Their Behaviors?
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