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Systems Architecture

No description

Jing Tao Tan

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Systems Architecture

Vending Machine not Responding ! Component
Diagram Fault Handling Components Central Component Runtime Platform Model Distributed Vending Machine Restocking System Important! drivers... Keeping costs down
Prompt fault reporting
Redundancy 3G cheaper than
paying for the
@ each location Less downtime,
more sales,
more profit!!! Two (or more)
is better than one the better one Summary We could
View Model 3G Load Balancing 5000 vending machines,
needs some clever
balancing act Just move the machine New machine? Moving machine? Just plug in the power Data
Replication In batches
Head office might not need all state office data instantly copy Architectural
Decisions Added more traceability so key diagrams/sections of the document would easily refer back to the requirements. Perhaps looked at existing 3rd party alternative solutions that would help with a certain component of our architecture such as data replication, fault handling Network Diagram Stock management components Sequence Diagram Architecture Overview State office Head office External Since our solution included the usage of pings to verify whether or not the machines were operational, there are room for inaccuracy or false positives Issues with the solution Lessons
Learned Why we need to design and document an architecture Traceability (blame) Risk management Communication
(still needs work!)
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