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In this prezi you will find out about E-Safety including going into more detail about cyber-bullying, uploading videos and more, enjoy!!

Alice Griffin

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of E-Safety

E-SAFETY How is it different to normal bullying?
Cyber bullying is where other people use technology to bully people. It can affect not just people at school but people at home as well. If you are being cyber bullyed it is usually happening 24/7 and makes people feel threatened in their own home. CYBER BULLYING What can I do?
If you are being cyber bullyed save all evidence you have of the bullying. Learn how to block the bullly on IM or delete them from your contacts. Try not to reply or retaliate to the things they send you or do to you. This is easier said then done but try it's for your own good. The law
Bullying isn't really a criminal offence. But civil and criminal laws can apply to for example harrasment or threatening behaviour but is particularly relevant for cyber bullying. Chat Rooms Blocking people
It is important to know how to block instant messaging contacts. They will not know you have blocked them you will just appear offline so they won't be able to send messages to you. Saving evidence
It is also a good idea to know how to save conversations. This way if anything happens you have evidence of it. Sharing personal information
Be very careful about what information you share with people in chat rooms. You never know what they might do with this information. Think like this if you don't want to shout personal information in a crowded room don't write it in a chat room. Where to go for help
If you feel anything weird is going on contact the administrator of the chat area. If they don't get back to you think again about going on the website. Social networking sites Uploading pictures
Only upload pictures that you would be more than happy to show to your parents. Don't post pictures that have other people in without their permission. Also don't put pictures on that give away information of where you are and live so for example don't put a picture on of you in your school uniform. Always tick the no pic forwarding button on your settings page. Privacy settings
Adjust your account settings so only approved friends can instant message you. (This won't ruin your social life) People can still send you friend requests and message you they just won't be able to pester you via IM. This means that people you don't want to see your profile can't. Uploading videos Video hosting sites
Video hosting sites like YouTube do have the ability to take down inappropriate or offensive content. The video will need to be illegal or have broken the terms and conditions of the site. Posting clips of you and your mates can be fun
Remember any video uploaded on the internet is there for anyone to see from parents to strangers. Make sure any video that you upload gives no evidence of where you live or who you are. Also you can be putting others at risk by showing information you usually wouldn't share. Always check thoroughly you can never be too safe. Your number
It's a good idea to only give out your number to friends who you know in the real world which basically means that you have met them and got friendly. If you give your number to people you don't know sometimes they can hassle you which is why it is best not to but it on websites like Facebook. Mobile Phones Bluetoothing
Bluetoothing is a quick and easy way to share photos, files and music with others online. But you need to be aware that if you don't lock your bluetooth strangers can access things on your phone like contacts and if you don't want this information to be shared lock your bluetooth! GPS tracking
The thing about using GPS technology is that all your contacts will be on a map showing exactly where they are. If you can see your contacts they can see you. That's quite scary if you have contacts who you don't trust. What can I do?
If you receive an inappropriate image or text from someone do not send it on. Instead you should report it to a responsible adult. If you know that a image of you or someone you know has been posted online you will need to contact the website that it is on to get it removed. Sexting (self taken images) The law
If you are under 18 and send a inappropriate picture or text to someone you could be breaking the law. What is sexting?
Sexting is where someone takes an inappropriate image of themselves and send it to someone (girlfriend, boyfriend, stranger etc.) THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO WATCH THIS PREZI. HOPE YOU ENJOYED WATCHING.
http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/11_16/control/ By Alice Griffin This prezi is all about e-safety.
You will learn in more detail
about cyber-bullying, sexting, uploading
videos, chat rooms, social networking sites and mobile phones.
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