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No description

alison saylor

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of alcohol

Alcohol it is legal but has lots of restrictions. alcohol is made by fermentation this is the posses of yeast breaking sugar down in to alcohol Glucose + yeast alcohol + carbon dioxide it is important to have air present or else it will produce ethanoic acid the same chemical in vinegar. dizziness vomiting nausea sleep slurred speech short term effects making kills gives your kids mental retardation permanent damage to vital organs long term effects 22,073die per year 60 people die a day it is a big part of movies and tv slang alky, booze, canned heat, cocktail, drink, ethanol, firewater, hard stuff, hootch, intoxicant, liquor, methanol, moonshine, palliative, red-eye, rotgut, sauce, smoke*, spirits, tipple, toddy http://www.alcoholandyou.org/facts/howisitmade.htmlc


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