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The Girl With All the Gifts

No description

Angelina Callorina

on 13 May 2016

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Transcript of The Girl With All the Gifts

The Girl With All the Gifts
By: M.R. Carey
The theme of the novel, The Girl with all the Gifts is you need to accept people they way they are. Whether they are different from you, or have a disability, or are infected with a disease. Its not always safe to be with someone who has a disease but you should do your best to help them and encourage them.
Quote from book: "It's important to see how they process information. But there has to be input, so there can be output." Carey, page 12
Obstacles Melanie had to face are:
1) everyday Melanie has to be put strapped into a wheelchair literally from head to toe, while seargant is pointing a gun to her in case she gets out of control.
2) Melanie is being tested by scientists and doctors who are trying to dissect her with an IQ of a genius.
3) Melanie is treated like an animal and a prisoner everyday because of who she is; a hungry.
In-Text Citations
- “you can't save people from the world. There's nowhere else to take them.” Carey, Page 125

Writing Style
The author's writing style in the novel, The Girl with all the Gifts is from third person limited point of view. Mike's writing style is to entertain the readers. The book is filled with suspense, imagination, science fiction, and much more.
Topic of the novel
The novel , "The Girl with all the Gifts
" is about a 10 year old girl named, Melanie. However, she is not an average girl. Melanie, as they call in the book, is known as a hungry. The term hungries has to do with a disease called Ophiocordyceps unilateralis. This causes people with this disease to lose their mental power and feed on human flesh. Scientists come in and try to run tests on kids like her. Melanie is known to Dr. Caldwell as "their little genius" they want to dissect her with a genius IQ. The 10 year old girl eventually gains intelligance and a better mindset and understanding to normal humans and tries to control the others as they attack Parks and Justineau (the two characters that try to save her). Justineau later takes Melanie to a group of more intelligent hungries and starts teaching her because she is now able to function and fully understand.
the girl with all the gifts:
Dallas Flores P.1

Author Background:
- “The truth is the truth, the only prize worth having. If you deny it, you’re only showing that you’re unworthy of it.” Carey, Page 157
-“Hungries toggle between two states. They’re frozen in place most of the time, just standing there like they’re never going to move again. Then they smell prey, or hear it, or catch sight of it, and they break into that terrifying dead sprint. No warm-up, no warning. Warp factor nine.” Carey, Page 207
Mike Carey (M.R. Carey) is a british writer of comic books, novels, and prose fiction. He was born in 1959 in Liverpool, United Kingdom. He is part of a family of four. For school Mike attended the Univeristy of Oxford and St. Peter's college. He had also was nominated for the following rewards- Hugo award for best graphic novel, Edgar Awards for best short story, goodreads choice awards best graphic novel, etc.
- (the novel) The Girl with all the Gifts.

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