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Pay It Forward

No description

Linnea Sumner

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward By Catherine Ryan Hyde The new Social Studies teacher starts out the year with an extra credit assignment: come up with a plan to change the world for the better, and carry it out. While other students are recycling bottles, twelve-year-old Trevor McKinny is developing an idea, an idea that will soon alter the lives of thousands of uncharted people across the globe. The plan relies on a concept that many question and doubt, the integrety of human kindness. Pushed on by Trevor's wavering hope, the movement spreads further and faster than can possibly be tracked, changing every life it encounters.
Would you pay it forward? Reuben St. Clair How It Works Do a big favor for 3 seperate people.
Instead of them paying you back, tell them to "pay it forward"
Each of those people do 3 big favors to 3 seperate people ect. Do a big favor for 3 seperate people.
Instead of them paying you back, have each of them do favors for 3 other people.
Each of those people continue the cycle.
In theory, the movement will spread and even double up across the world. Characters Trevor McKinney He is described as a twelve year old boy of average intelligence. He is a student of Mr. St. Clair and the son of Arlene McKinney and her old boyfriend, Ricky, who left the two of them a year ago. Despite his unstable living situation, he has a fairly optimistic view of the world. His slightly naive hope propells the movement forward. Arlene McKinny Trevor's mother, a recovering alcoholic, struggling to make ends meet. She works 2 jobs trying to pay off the debt Trevor's father left her with. She is still waiting for his return. She cares for Trevor but has difficulty communicating with him. She begins a rocky relationship with Reuben St. Clair and is forced to face circumstances beyond her control. Trevor's Social Studies teacher. With his face and body disfigured from an explosion at war, Reuben St. Clair lives a very solitary life outside of his classroom. He avoids developing close relationships with others and allows his deformities to allienate him. Despite his efforts not to, he becomes attatched to Trevor and Arlene. Plot Mr. St. Clair gets a job as the new social studies teacher at Trevor's school and gives them an assignment: Think of a plan to change the world and put it into action. Trevor takes his first step by helping a young homeless man, Jerry, get back on his feet. Infruiated and confused on what sort of "project" could possibly prompt her son to allow a bum into their home, Arlene confronts Mr. St. Clair at the school, demanding to know what Trevor was doing. When Reuben suggests she ask Trevor herself, she storms out in a huff.
Trevor later hands Reuben a note supposedly from Arlene asking him to come over for dinner. It is soon discovered Trevor wrote it himself in an attempt to set the two upas one of his three favors. It almost works, but both are too stubborn to pursue a relationship right away. Jerry, the homeless man who Trevor helped, initially found a job, but upon recieving his first paycheck blew it by sinking back into his drug addiction. When Trevor hears of his arrest, he is crushed, and begins to feel his plan will fall through. Meanwhile Reuben and Arlene begin their haphazard romance. Trevor's Third resipiant is a sweet, lonely old woman whose arthritis prevents her from maintaining her beloved garden. Trevor sets to work and finishes it for her, but she dies soon after, leaving Trevor to deal with the reality of his idea. Just when all begin to loose hope, Chris Chandler, a reporter who has been attempting to track "the movement" down, comes asking about it at their door. It turns out that pay it forward was spreading across the country at an untrackable pace. Soon the news of Trevor and his idea are everywhere. The question is, how far will it go? Round Number of People 1
10 3

Total: 88,572 Anyone who was near me while I was reading this book knows that I was really involved in it. I have a distinct memory of falling out of my chair in the little theatre and mouthing "Why? why?" If that's not a summary enough, this book is incredible. I think anyone who gets the chance should pounce on the oppurtunity to read it. I will never forget this story and will never stop reccomending it. For those of you who won't end up reading it, even though you should, I leave you with this obsolete, but relevent musical marketing plug.
ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE My Reaction Themes Hope Hope is the thing that keeps us going, even when the future looks bleak. If Trevor hadn't had hope, the story wouldn't have even began. Human Kindness An idea that is often questioned. We may be flawed, uncertain individuals, but does that make it impossible? Strength The characters face struggles that are relatable and not that uncommon for the average person. To move past limitations, there is always a struggle. To overcome any obstacle, one always needs strength
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