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In-Service #6 Group C: Growth Mindset and Making Growth Transparent

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Macy Parker

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of In-Service #6 Group C: Growth Mindset and Making Growth Transparent

- Students who believe that their ability is "fixed" are less likely to be motivated by failure and less willing to try new things that they may not be good at - at least at first

- Students who believe that their abilities can "get stronger like a muscle" are more motivated by failure and more likely to continue to work hard to achieve goals. This can be described as a "growth mindset" or a belief in "effective effort" How might the existence of a Culture of Power affect student's beliefs about their own abilities or their power to achieve their goals?

Why might a "growth mindset" be particularly important for students who may have suffered due to educational inequities? Do your students know your goals for your team and for them as individuals? If so, how do they know?

Do they know how they are doing relative to those goals? If so, how do they know? What best practices did your groups identify for making growth transparent? Effective Effort in our Classrooms Making Growth Transparent
as Students work toward Goals Think Back to Lisa Delpit... Key Ideas from Carol Dweck Best Practices to Share? Welcome to "Effective Effort," Room 9!


On your Worksheet, please rate your natural ability on the skills you see listed.

When you have finished, DISCUSS with a partner:

When did you decide how naturally talented you were in these categories? Now, DISCUSS with a different partner:

What is a skill you've worked hard to master? When did you know you had mastered this skill? Objective We will be able to:

examine research on growth mindsets and

plan to make growth transparent for students as they work toward individual and team goals - Do Now

- Key ideas from Carol Dweck's research

- Breakout Groups: Effective Effort and Making Growth Transparent

- Personal Worktime

- Making connections for our Campus Teams

- Appreciations and Close IB.3 Builds effective effort with students

Team Leader
a. Teaches and reinforces the idea that intelligence is malleable
b. Reminds all students to learn from failure and use feedback as fuel to keep going
c. Reinforces the understanding that hard work and a plan lead to success

a. Take on new learning challenges with enthusiasm and report they believe they can learn new things if they try hard
b. Report they can find lots of ways to overcome any obstacle
c. Communicate their plan for reaching their goals IB.2 Invests students to achieve goals
Team Leader
a. Communicates the belief that all students can and will achieve academically and attend college
b. Guides students to set short and long term goals that are reasonable and ambitious
c. Makes student and team goals public (through visuals) and references progress towards goals regularly
d. Makes connections between short-term actions and long-term outcomes throughout program Students
a. Report that their team leader believes that they can and will achieve and go to college
b. Can articulate their own short-term and long-term goals and why those goals are important to college or career
c. Can report on whether or not they are on track and/or what they have done lately to work towards a goal
d. Can name 3 personal motivations for staying on the college path Are your Goals "Alive"? Personal Worktime By the end of this session, we will all attempt to answer the following questions: - What are your goals for your team of students? (either AIM, apprenticeship, or both)

- What are your goals for each individual student?

- What systems ensure that students get regular updates on their progress toward goals?

- What artifacts in your classroom support this system? (i.e. visual trackers) Agenda Examples of ways
to make growth transparent
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