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Iroquois Vs. Algonquin

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Tamhid Rashid

on 25 January 2014

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Transcript of Iroquois Vs. Algonquin

Differences & Similarities between
Iroquois and Algonquin

Step into Canada long ago when the first nations lived in what we call today Canada. Many tribes lived, but two will be focused on, the Algonquin and the Iroquois!
The Algonquins lived north of the Iroquois, and by Lake Superior as the Ottawa Valley. They lived in forest land which was broken by many rivers and lakes.
The Iroquois lived between the Great Lakes in southern Ontario with many different types of Iroquois tribes like the Wendat (lived between Lake Huron and Lake Ontario) and the Petuns and the Neutrals.
They both lived in Ontario, close to the Great Lakes.
The Algonquins lived in wigwams that were traditional dome-shaped homes.They were made from local materials. Such as saplings (baby trees) for the frame and trees and barks used for covering the wigwam. Though, they left many tools behind because they lived a nomadic lifestyle.
The Iroquoians lived in lodges called longhouses. They were kind of like apartments. The villages were robber proof, since they built large walls or fences called log stockades. A fire was in an isle in the middle of the longhouse which was used for cooking. Longhouses were 10 metres tall and 10 metres wide and 25 metes long and 2 doors, 1 in each end. It had no windows.
They both used tree's as resources, and fire was used for cooking. They all used what they found in nature as resources, because this was all they had back then.
The Algonquin mainly ate plants and animals. They ate deer, moose and staple meats from animals. Rabbits, birds, and other smaller animals were eaten as will.They also ate salads made from onions and watercress. Also they ate bears, beavers and fish. Many side dishes were also berries, nuts, wild rice, maple syrup. Tobacco was also eaten.
The Iroquois grew many vegetables like corn, beans, pumpkins and squash. Corn, beans, and squash were called the three sisters, since they were planted side by side each other. Sunflowers were also edible (able to eat). Due to the weather, people did different hunting at different times. Fishing was done in spring, summer, and fall. Hunting was done in winter, and fall.
Did you know the Iroquois even made treats? Yes, they made popcorn and candy corn.
To the Algonquins, animals were a great resource to get materials to make tools from. They provided bones, leather, antlers, and sinew (dried up muscles) for weapons/tools. Other tools were made from stuff like rocks and bark from trees. They often left tools behind due to their nomadic lifestyle. Instruments like mallets, and cooking utensils were made.
The Iroquois used moose antlers to cut trees. Moose antlers and shoulder blades were made into hoes, too. The moose antlers were also used to work soil, and plant seeds. Also, deer shoulder blades were used.
The Algonquin usually walked by foot in the summer and winter. They probably walked by foot a lot due to their nomadic lifestyle, and they often left their belongings behind. Canoes were used for water travel. they used bark to build their canoes. Birch bark was preferred, because it was light, and strong. Snow shoes were helpful for pulling toboggans.
The Iroquois didn't do much due to their nomadic lifestyle. They just stayed where they were, since they had everything they needed, unless they needed to move again.
They both lived nomadic lifestyles.
Mostly, they took what they found in nature. They would eat almost anything like sunflowers, vegetables, and many animals that would be unusual to eat in the modern day.
Thank You!
By the way, we'll be talking about food, homes, weapons/tools, transportation, and location. Any unmentioned topics we did not discuss.
They both used animal parts to make different objects.
What Did You Learn?
Stay tuned for a lot of information!
Wait a second, we missed a question!
Did you Enjoy Our Presentation?
How did the Iroquoians & Algonquins Live?
Well let's find out in the information below.
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