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Dianna Rose

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Lit1- I VIALED THE UNIVERSE

I vialed the universe
And laughed at the concentrated Gods.
But the Genie escaped with His halo of riddles.
I pondered anew and unslept.
Thoughts were strange with the strangeness of new towns.
Thoughts were as vast as the unvialed God.
I could not bottle or battle Him.
There: I saw Him mark in the matutinal mist
I surrendered. I Vialed the Universe To “vial the universe” means putting the
universe inclosed in a little bottle
regarding the fact that the universe is big. The line, “And laughed at the concentrated Gods.” which the author connotes that he don't believe in Gods and don't need it on his life. The author believes that Gods has nothing to do with his own life. Take note that the following pronouns begin with a capital H: “His“ (line 3), “Him“ (line 7) and “Him” (line 8 ). This is used in this poem as referring to God. This means that the author has no faith.
The author is like an Atheist, who doesnt believe in God. The line, “But the Genie escaped with His halo of riddles.” “Halo of riddles” is a symbolic connotation for understanding religion– understanding God is difficult. This means that understanding the world of God is very wide and full of mysteries. “Matutinal” means something that occurs in the morning.
in the poen it means dawn, the rising of the sun.
It says that from dark to light, where the author has found God. Rising of the sun connotes God's presence.
This means that the author have found God, and regains his faith. My analysis on the poem is that, at the beginning the author do not believe in the existence of God. He do not think that there is God, but later on the author saw the presence of God and surrendered to God.

The author regains his lost faith.
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