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An Entrance to the Woods

No description

Michelle Perez

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of An Entrance to the Woods

An Entrance to the Woods
Wendell Berry
The unknown narrator (however male) starts the fiction by setting up camp along a clear area in the woods. The man stays for several days wandering the land and finding himself. He soon realizes that the necessities of life do not include cars, huge buildings, or material objects.
Why the woods?
Periodic Sentences
Effective Rhetorical Devices Used
How did these effect my mood?
Berry made the woods that he was in more relatable and showed how easy it was for him to conform into the life of simplicity. Which was his goal to show how one really doesn't need all of the 'noise' that has been produced to make life easier.
Overall View of Rhetorical Devices
The man is essentially on a trip
trying to discover why it is that
humans think they need to be
so dependent on 'useless' resources.
This can easily be controversial.
Wendell Berry used periodic sentences to bring more emphasis to the end of sentences
Metaphors usually comparing man to the acts and doings of nature (as well as similes)
Berry used Hyperboles to make the reader think bigger than what is actually being said
Using imagery to compare the franchised world with the natural side of the world
In "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald
he separated the City of Coal and West Egg
because of the bad being done in the 'grimy'
city, compared to the wealth and harmonious
get away Gatsby and Carraway had in West Egg. He did this by making the City of Coal dirty and showing how they leave with a black coating on them and using imagery to portray it as a dirty place.
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