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Plea Bargains: Mel Ignatow

No description

Michelle Buenrostro

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Plea Bargains: Mel Ignatow

and double jeopardy protected him...
Police interrogated Shore,
they wanted evidence and a confession for the disappearance and murder of Schaeffer, and in exchange they will lower Shore's charges.

the FBI made an investigation with collaboration of Shore.
They recorded telephone conversations of Ignatow with Shore,
talking about the kidnapping, and the place where they buried her.

Because of this evidence Ignatow was charged with murder in 1991.
Sadly, the jury did not found any of all the evidence nor the witness convincing.


The judge was so embarrassed by the verdict,
that he took the unusual step of writing a letter of apology to the Schaefer family.

Ignatow got away with murder.
Mary Anne Shore's plea Bargain
While on the interrogation, Shore confessed the process and the planning of the murder of Schaeffer, and how Ignatow and her, concreted the plan, and stated where the remains of the body where located.

Shore led the other officers to the grave, where the body of Schaeffer was found after a year, and with no physical evidence as blood or semen due of the time and decomposition.

6 months later, the family that bought Ignatow's house, found a secret compartment underneath carpet, where they found the jewelry and the pictures.

Ignatow was brought to trial for perjury based on his grand jury testimony. Knowing that he could not be retried for the murder because of double jeopardy, Ignatow confessed in court at his perjury trial.

He turned to Schaefer's brothers in court and said that
he had killed her
, but claimed that she had died peacefully.

She also told that Ignatow made her take pictures of the rape.

And that Ignatow hid the jewelry and the pictures as a trophy.
Saturday, September 23, 1988
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Melvin Henry Ignatow & Brenda Sue Schaefer
The man who got away with murder!
Ignatow was engaged with Brenda Sue Schaefer, 36, from Louisiana Kentucky.

On September 23, 1988 Schaefer decided to end with the engagement, and return her jewelry, but that was the night that Ignatow, in company of his ex-girlfriend Mary Anne Shore, had already planned and decided to end her life.

September 24, 1988 Brenda was reported missing, her parents told the police that the last thing they knew was that she left the day before to meet Ignatow.

Her car was found within a mile of her house, but there was no sign of her.
Plea Bargain: Mary Anne Shore
Ignatow was interrogated and denied knowing the whereabouts of Schaefer,
but he admitted he saw her last.

During the interrogation he mentioned Mary Anne Shore, police interrogated her.

was offered by the police to Mary Anne Shore in order to get evidence and a testimony that would have led to the charge of murder against Mel Ignatow.
In this case the plea was a little bit
because during trial, Shore was not properly dressed nor credible. But, she did tell the truth that led to the evidence, sadly not in time.
She did not received the punishment that she really deserved, and Ignatow was acquitted.

We think that police did what they thought was right to find Ignatow guilty. They did all they had in their hands, but the jury thought it was not enough.
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