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The Cherry Blossom Adventure

Another Thea Sisters Adventure

Mikala Waters

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of The Cherry Blossom Adventure

The Cherry Blossom
Adventure By:Thea Stilton Facts from the Book The Cherry Blossom Festival This isn't the only Thea Stilton book! Recommendation Theme Setting Characters Summary Summary The Thea Sisters are on another adventure when they take off to Japan. They are headed to Kyoto,Japan as foreign exchange students, and will be attending Yoshimune Academy of Kyoto.When they arrive, they meet a girl named Kumi Nakamura, and she had a friend named Sakura.Sakura didn't like the Thea Sisters from the start. She knew that Kumi adored and loved them and their books, but she couldn't help but feel like they were trying to take Kumi away from her.Her jealousy grew more and more, and she got to the point were just looking at the Thea Sisters made her nauseous.Sakura and Kumi have been friends for a long time, and Sakura knows everything about her.Even the fact that in her family,a precious Bunraku Marionette doll, named the Princess, is passed down from generation to generation.Right now, Kumi's father, Mr. Nakumura, is in possession of it and is a master of Bunraku Theater. Mr. Ishikuro is one of Mr. Nakumura's best friends, and he knows all about the Princess Marionette. The Princess is a very beautiful and priceless doll to Mr Nakumura, and Mr. Ishikuro knows it.It has been in the Nakumari family for years and it has been passed down from generation to generation. He is always trying to get Mr.Nakumura to sell it to him, but no matter how hard he trys, and how much he begs and how much money he offers him, Mr. Nakumura would always say,"She's not for sell." Mr.Ishikuro would never give up though. He would ask over and over again if Mr.Nakumaru would sell the princess to him,but he wouldn't budge.Once, when Mr.Nakumura and Mr.Ishukuro were arguing, Kumi and the Thea Sisters were walking up the short path to Kumi's house, and once they saw them, Mr. Ishukuro hurriedly ended the conversation and left very quickly. After their argument, Mr. Ishikuro and Mr. Nakumara didn't speak for a while.One day while Kumi and the Thea Sisters were visiting the Cherry Blossom Trees with Kumi's father, five ninjas dressed in entirely in black appeared out of no where. They grabbed Kumi's dad in their arms and in a split second, they were gone!Kumi and the Thea Sisters went back to her house and watched Kumi bawl her eyes out.Each one of them tried to cheer her up,but nothing worked!She just kept on crying and crying until she couldn't anymore!A couple of days later, Kumi receives a phone call from a mysterious man.The man said that if they bring The Princess,they would bring her dad for an exchange.Then he hung up. To find out what the Thea Sisters and Kumi do,you need to read the book. *Mr.Ishikuro *Yoshimune Academy Proffesors
*Mr Nakumura *The five ninjas
*Kumi Nakumura *Yoshimune Academy Students
*Collete *The two guides
*Nicky *Holdger
*Paulina *Sakura
*Pamela *Violet The theme of this story is to tell you of an adventure between the Thea Sisters and Kumi Nakumaru while they make life-threatening decisions.This story also has a hint of love between Kumi and her father and Kumi and the Thea Sisters. This story takes place in many different places.Some of them are:
*The Thea Sister's Home
*Yoshimune Academy
*Kumi's House
*The Park
*Some cars and airplanes I would recommend this book to anyone who loves mysteries and romance. This story is a great story and I could hardly put the book down!It has an interesting plot,characters, and it is just a great book all in all!I learned a lot just by reading the book, and I loved it! You need to read this book!!!:)I would definitely give this book five stars!!!:) *A kimono is a traditional Japanese gown
*arigoto means thank you in Japanese
*in Japan, a bow is a symbol of great respect.the deeper the bow, the more respect
*kinnichiwa means hello in Japanese
*an onsen is a hot spring
*Bunraku is a traditional Japanese Theater.
*ningyo means doll in Japanese
*a Shinkansen is a super fast train in Japan
*nozomi means hope in Japanese
*hikari means light in Japanese
*kodama is a traditional name for the Spirit of the Woods
*hanami means viewing flowers The Cherry Blossom Festival is celebrated in Japan, just like in the book.It's said that the festival originated when people sat around the trees and wrote poems.March to May is normally when the festival is held. Here are some of the other Thea Stilton books... Book Project By:Mikala Waters Thea's brother's name is Geronimo Stilton. He also writes books. Some of his books are... Lost Treasure of The Emerald Eye The Curse of the Cheese Pyramid
Cat and Mouse in a Haunted House I'm too Fond of My Fur
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A Fabumouse Vacation for Geronimo All Because of a Cup of Coffee
It's Halloween You 'Fraidy Mouse! Merry Christmas ,Geronimo!
Phantom of the Subway The Temple of the Ruby of Fire
There are so many Geronimo Stilton Books that I Couldn't fit them all on here. To find out what they are,go to:
www.goodreads.com/series/43728-geronimo-stilton Mountain of Fire The Star Castaways Ghost of the Shipwreck Legend of the Fire Flowers
Big Trouble in the Big Apple Mystery on the Orient Express
The Cherry Blossom Adventure The Secret City
Secret of the Old Castle The Blue Scarab Hunt
The Journey to Atlantis The Ice Treasure
The Prince's Emerald Big City Adventures
The Dragon's Code The Dancing Shadows
Mystery in Paris "Fabumouse Adventures!!!" Movie Clip In the video, Thea is called Teaha.
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