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Copy of Copy of apprenticesearch Student Prezi 2012

This presentation was created by apprenticesearch.com and is designed to introduce students and others to skilled trades and apprenticeship in Ontario.

apprenticesearch .com

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of apprenticesearch Student Prezi 2012

What are skilled trades? 4 Sectors: Construction Trades

Plumber Industrial Trades

Tool and Die Maker
General Machinist
Industrial Mechanic Millwright Motive Power Trades

Auto Service Technician
Truck and Coach Technician
Auto Body Repairer Service Trades

Horticultural Technician Some trades like:

auto service technician

are compulsory trades...Why?... Myths related to trades and apprenticeship: Interested in trades and apprenticeship?...
a few suggestions... A great website with great resources: All skilled trades work involves
heavy lifting and dirty hands... Skilled trades jobs are dead end jobs... Skilled trades jobs are for males only... Consider the
Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program Employers Jobseekers Trades in demand on apprenticesearch.com Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship What exactly is an apprenticeship? Paid on the job training

85/15 work/classroom ratio
2-5 years to complete Learning from a qualified tradesperson Overseen by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities The best way to prepare for a
career in the skilled trades What do these skilled trade occupations have in common? Require a special skill set On-the-job training Skilled trades jobs
are for low-achieving
students Look for related part-time or volunteer work experiences Do some research! Think about taking Co-op Consider pre-apprenticeship programs Importance of networking... Starting a new job: some tips... After high school... Skilled trade jobs offer low pay Consider community college programs Take technological education courses in high school Some trades are designated
Red Seal Trades...
What does that mean? Talk to employers and
to tradespeople... ...meeting
can be a
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