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The Surgeon as Priest

No description

Kayla Goodhart

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of The Surgeon as Priest

Rhetorical Devices Cont.
"He is not asleep, but rather stares straight upward...a look of terrible discover, of wonder on his face....This man is violating a taboo."
Referencing back to Chapter 2, Selzer also applies imagery at this point with the descriptions of the scene.
On page 199, Selzer uses a mixture of the appeals to try and prove his point.
He talks about his friend Joe Riker who has cancer eating through his scalp, and he gives a deep description of how you can see his brain.
This refers to a logical fact, but indirectly, it also affects your feelings giving the appeal of pathos.
Rhetorical Devices Cont.
Paragraph 3 on page 202 Yoshi Dhoden is going through his routine before he begins his work and this appeals to ethos.
On page 203, Yoshi begins his healing and on page 204, he finds out what was wrong with her.
Selzer (the author) was amazed at how he conducted and found out his findings.
Rhetorical Devices
Selzer uses ethos when describes the body of the cadaver on page 197. "The cadaver has dignity and reserve; it is distanced by its death."
"He knows that there is something wrong, forbidden in what he is about to do..."
He also applies pathos into the situation on the same page when he mentions why he HAS to do the surgery.
"He is driven by a dark desire. To see, to feel, to discover is all. His is a passion, not a romance."

Appealing to Work
Selzer appeals to work ethic in this selection because he talks about how he has the mixed feelings, but he knows that he still must do his job to cure these people.
No matter how much he might be conflicted with it, he still does the best job he can.
Kayla Goodhart
Darius Green
The Surgeon as Priest
Rhetorical Devices Cont.
"The cancer had chewed through Joe's scalp, munched his skull, then opened the membranes underneath..."
One reason Selzer has mixed emotions is because he has seen things cured without surgery.
"Oh well...the wife's sister...brought me a bottle of water from Lourdes...Holy water?...Yeah."

Rhetorical Devices Cont.
In this section, the author is explaining the process of how the people are getting cured. All of this is taking place in the hospital.
On page 201 the author appeals to logos and pathos in the second paragraph.
Now on page 202, this personal assistant named Yoshi Dhoden is visiting the hospital to heal some of the patients.
Speaker, Audience, and Subject
Speaker: Richard Selzer
Audience: Everyone
Subject: Selzer has a very complicated mixture of emotions towards the act of surgery. He is happy that it exists to help people,but wishes it was not needed.
Rhetorical Devices cont.
"..I feel the same sense that one must not gaze into the body, the same irrational fear that it is an evil deed.."
In this, Selzer uses a combination of ethos and pathos to grab the readers' attention. He tries to gain their sympathy with his sense of fear and morals.
He uses a fact of what the patient is doing to appeal to the readers' senses.
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