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All About Me

No description

Natasha Brewer

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of All About Me

Natasha MarcyAnn Brewer The Day I Was Born... What is in a Name... How Old Am I... Stress-O-Meter... Top Shows in 1995:
The X-Files Frasier Party of Five
Friends N.Y.P.D. Blue ER
Babylon 5 Star Trek: Voyager Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Homicide: Life on the Street Best Actor:Nicolas Cage
in Leaving Las Vegas The President:
Bill Clinton 1995 Prices
Bread: $0.79/loaf
Milk: $2.51/gal
Eggs: $1.46/doz
Car: $18,360
Gas: $1.21/gal
House: $158,700
Stamp: $0.32/ea
Avg Income: $51,353/yr
Min Wage: $4.25/hr
DOW Avg: 5,117 NATASHA

Gender: Feminine

Usage: Russian, English

Other Scripts: Наташа (Russian)

Pronounced: nə-TASH-ə (English) [key]
Russian diminutive of NATALYA. This is the name of a character in Leo Tolstoy's novel 'War and Peace' (1865). It has been used in the English-speaking world only since the 20th century.

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Gender: Feminine

Usage: English

Pronounced: MAHR-see [key]
Diminutive of MARCIA

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Gender: Feminine

Usage: English

Pronounced: AN [key]
English form of ANNE (1). In the English-speaking world, both this spelling and Anne have been used since the Middle Ages, though Ann became much more popular during the 19th century. Familia (: My Niece's Daughter Violet and I. My daddy ): miss yoouh... rip 08/04/04' Me and my mommy. (: Me and My little sister AmyLynn My brother Dwighht Me and my little sister AmyLynn My little sister Heaven. My big brother Devin. My niece Jenna and her two kids Stpephen and Annabelle. My niece and her daughter Violet. My stepdad and Violet. My little sister Hope My brother and his girlfriend. Fraannds (: Sarah and me Me Sarah and two guys we met while bowling. me and Justice me and Hannah Me and Courtney. Katie Bea and Me Me and Jena Me and Skyler My bestie Sammikins Me and Sammikins Me and Sammi
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