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No description

Matt Cunningham

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Atlas

Titan of Navigation and Astronomy, Holder of celestial bodies.
Abilities of Atlas
Wielded great strength, capable of holding up entire planets, and the entirety of the sky.
Similarly could hurl just about anything at his foes.
Battle with the Olympians
Atlas was the leader of the Titans in their battle against the Olympian gods.
As a result of the rest of the Titans losing,
made Atlas hold the heavens upon his shoulders as punishment.
Atlas & Hercules
Atlas participated in Hercules' Twelve labors, and was tasked with retrieving Golden Apples from the gardens of the Hesperides, guarded by the 100 Headed Dragon
Atlas vs. The World
Theoretically, Atlas himself could throw planetary bodies at the gods because of his immense strength.
Atlas and Perseus
Later tradition says that Atlas was transformed from a Shepard into the Atlas Mountains by
by using Medusa's head
ATLAS: Titan, World Holder, Giant.
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