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The Family


karis concepcion

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of The Family

Stages Family Over Protective Family The Meaning of family Characteristics of the family) It´s a group of people who live together, who all have different roles. Latina University Branch David Presented By
Karis M. Concepcion With or without actual blood relationships, with a common economic and social life and feelings of affection that unite them. This process naturally flows through : The Life Stage of Birth Procreation Again decline and demise This process is known as the cycle of family life. It also has a purpose:
To generate new individuals into society Permanent and intimate connection between family members. Biological and psychological upbringing and support of the children. Socialization. Teaching Values Evaluation of the economic resources. Preparing children for the future. Family Values Strict Family Home Centered Family. Unstable Family Stable Family Strict Family Over Protective Family Home Centered Family Unstable Family Stable Family Characteristics
of the
family 5 Family Goals To achieve the objectives of a family you must keep in mind a number of commitments. Family Formation Birth and Growth Children of School Age Stages Family Departure of the children from the home Mature Age Adolescence Aging A united family ,is a happy home Subject The Family Father Mother Sons English IV
Juan Alberto Tapia Growth amily functions
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