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No description

Tenzin Woeser

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of A STAR WAS BORN

Things that u might want to know about
Tenzin Woeser
Friend and Families of TW
Happy Times
Sad Times
I hope you enjoyed, that was TW's life
now tell me your life.
Hi, I am here to write about a young boy who has an interesting life. His name is, as you can guess Tenzin Woeser. He was born in Lhasa,Tibet.He learned to walk when he was 14 and a half months.He said his first word when he was one year and eight months years old. He learned to speak well when he was 3 years old. He has one elder sister who was twenty years old and one elder brother who was 24. He was a tough kid his parents Mr Migyur Dorjee and Mrs Phurbu Dolma told me that he wouldn't cry when he got needles when he was a baby. Now one thing most people wondered about him in Canada is that why isn't your last name same as your dad's but we are Buddhists and most Buddhists have different last name then their dad's. But some have the same last name as their dad's like my dad. He came to Nepal,Kathmandu at the age of four and went to canada at the age of ten. Now he is twelve and called by the name of TW because that is his initial and I am going to call him TW too.
profiles of TW's friends
name: Afia Lodhi
names:Yeshi Tendar and Pema Tashi
personalities of Pema Tashi: Funny,kind,unique
personalities of Yeshi Tendar:Funny,competetive,unique
Profiles of TW's Family
Name:Migyur Dorjee
relationship with TW:Dad
personalities:always happy,funny,nice
Name:Phurbu Dolma
relationship with TW:Mom
Name:Yeshi Choedon
relationship with TW:Sister

Last but not least
Name:Tenzin Woeser(TW)
relationship with TW:Its himself duh

These are only some I can't write all of the because it is just too big.
These was some happy times in his life like the time he went to different places in the world like Lhasa to Nepal to Canada. When he was in Lhasa I didn't really worry much about anything because I was a baby. But then Nepalese songs came up on the TV and the country was beautiful so TW and his family went to Nepal. But then he didn't know how to speak the language then he saw that there was a huge population of Tibetans in Nepal so then the friends he had in Nepal were Tibetans and they taught him how to speak Nepalese. Then he spoke Nepalese preety well. Later after few years my Visa to Canada he was so happy for my dad but a little jealous too because he got to go all the way around the world to Canada. Later his dad said you guys have a chance to come to Canada and that was like his happiest moment of his life him,his mom and his sister was like yaaayy then his dream finally came true in a few years he was in Canada.
But after one year he missed Nepal from the bottom of his heart. He was so alone in Canada he had no friends. He also missed his best friend Sailesh Ranjitkar he is a chubby guy who always cheered him up when he was sad. Also his other good friends. His sister couldn't come to Canada either but the good part is that she is coming this year. But one more thing He had a dog named Tashi he was a Tibetan Apso and he loved him so much but unfortunately they had to leave him in Nepal he is also old he is 13 years old. That was all the sad things in his life he didn't have much sad things in his life.
A picture of me when I was four
When I was six years old
His years goal in school
His goal was to be better at math,Gym,science and every other subject and to do his best
at listening because he wasn't so good at listening. Also reading out loud he always had this accent and had a hard time reading out loud. Those were his goal. He achieved all his goals by trying his hardest. Also I am going to try to go to every tryout of every sport.
Friend list
These are some of my friends I have some more but they are friends from home.
My Strength and weaknesses
TW consider himselfself as a good singer, he doesn't know what the other people think about his singing and honestly he don't even care. He knows that if he practices he will be a good singer and he practices every day. He is also good with elders. He is also good at story writing and writing about something He really believe in.
My weaknesses are math and gym I want to get better at both of them and I am really really slow. That is also the reason why don't want to play chasing games most of you don't know this but I hate chasing games. I ask people to let me play them because everybody knows he is slow so they purposely don't make him it because they are tired of him trying to catch them. Also in math he could say he sucks because he is not good in certain parts and to get better at math is one of his goals this year.
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