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Biotechnology Module 2: Laboratory Skills

No description

Valentin Torres

on 11 November 2016

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Transcript of Biotechnology Module 2: Laboratory Skills

Laboratory Skills

Lab Safety
Personal Protective Equipment
Glasses vs. goggles
Lab coat
Face shields
Location & Function of:
Gas shutoffs
Fire extinguishers
Fire blankets
Universal Hazard Label
Lab Equipment
Graduated Cylinders
In general, larger = less accurate volume measurement due to large diameter of the
Erlenmeyer Flasks
error ~ 5% from target volume
Serological and Pasteur pipets
Pipet Pumps
tri-valve pipet
manual pipet pump
motorized pipet pump
Disposable Plastic Pipets
Electric Scales
Weigh Boats
Reagent Bottles
Washing Glassware:
Add small amount of laboratory soap and use a brush to make sure all surfaces are washed
Rinse with tap water until no suds are evident, usually at least 3 times
Rinse twice with distilled water
Air-dry or use oven to dry

Name of solution
Date made
Name of person who made it
Potential hazards if necessary

Numerical Data
Significant Figures
Rule 1: The number of significant figures is the number of digits to the right of the first non-zero number.

Rule 2: When adding or subtracting numbers, the resulting numbers cannot have any more significant figures to the right of the decimal point than any value used in the calculation.

Rule 3: When multiplying or dividing numbers, the answer cannot have any more significant figures than the value in the calculation with the fewest significant figures.

Scientific Notation
Shorthand method to display numbers that convey their level of precision
Uses a number that is multiplied by 10 raised to a positive or negative number

Preparing Solutions
Mass per Volume (m/v)

Volume per Volume (v/v)

Molar Solutions (Proportional Method)
Percent Solutions
Stock Solution
Stock Solution
is a concentrated solution that will be diluted to some lower concentrated for actual use. Stock solutions are used to save preparation time, conserve materials, reduce storage space, and improve the accuracy with which working lower concentration solutions are prepared.
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