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The impact of culture on international marketing

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safae el makrouz

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The impact of culture on international marketing

The impact of culture on international marketing I. Introduction

II. Definition of Culture

III. Definition of International marketing

VI. 8 elements of “Terpstra and Sarathy Cultural Framework “

V. Conclusion Plan What is What
is the International
marketing? 8 elements of “Terpstra and Sarathy Cultural Framework “ Conclusion Introduction ? It refers to marketing carried out by companies overseas or across national borderlines. It includes:
Market identification and targeting
Entry mode selection
Marketing mix
Strategic decisions to compete in international markets Done By:
CHATAR Soufiane
EL MAKROUZ Safae Thank you for your attention! Language religion Social Organizations Law and Politics Values and atitudes Education Technology and material culture Aesthetics
The Terpstra and Sarathy Cultural Framework is an analysis that can be used by marketing managers to assess an international market’s cultural nature . Balanced verbal and non-verbal communication;
Straightforward communication in a low context culture (Australia);
Complicated communication in a high context culture (Japan);
Misunderstood Translated slogans can irritate customer . •Most cultures find in religion a reason for being.

•Organizations should identify differences between shared beliefs;

•Products/ services shouldn’t be offensive or unlawful to a specific nation;

•Chine’s harmony maintaining by banning pigs advertising Here we should consider the impact of management decisions on the organization of a community . The political ideology on which the society is based will impact upon your decision to market there. Adapt your business to the local market by :

Altering promotional material or subtle branding messages
Adapting new strategies on managing local employees The level and nature of education can have a major impact on how receptive consumers are to foreign marketing activities. Technology is a term that includes many other elements:
Energy: to power the products
Transport infrastructure: to distribute goods to consumers
Cranes: to offload containers from ships
Innovation diffusion
Importance of material goods i.e.: are they materialistic? Aesthetics relate to your senses, and the appreciation of the artistic nature of something, including its smell, taste or ambience.
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