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Edward Teller

No description

catharine kelley

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of Edward Teller

Edward Teller
By. Catharine Kelley
Biography of Edward Teller

Edward Teller was a Hungarian-born American theoretical physicist. He was born on January 15, 1908 and he died September 9, 2003. He was married to Augusta Maria Harkany and his parents were Max and Llona Teller.
Edward Teller's Education
Teller received his Ph.D in physics at the University of Liepzig in Germay. He also attended University of Karlsruhe. Even though his early studies were in chemical physics and *spectroscopy he made important contributions to different fields such as nuclear physics, plasma physics, astrophysics, and statistical mechanics.
*spectroscopy- study of the interaction between matter and radiated energy
The Atomic Bomb
It was Edward Teller who drove Leo Szilard and Eugene Wigner to meet Albert Einstein so they could all write a letter to President Roosavelt stressing the importance to pursue atomic weapon research before the Nazis did. Teller then workede on the
Manhattan Project
at Los Alamos National Labratory and later became the Lab's assistant director.
The Manhattan Project
The Manhattan Project was committed to exploring research that would produce and atomic bomb. The hardest part of making the atomic bomb would be producing ample amounts of "enriched" uranium to keep a chain reaction going. A massive enrichment lab/plant was built in Oak Ridge, Tennesee. After this all that was needed was to put to the test the entire concept behind atomic fission(the splitting of atoms).
The Hydrogen Bomb
In 1951 while Teller was still at Los Alamos he had the
idea for a thermonuclear weapon. He then led a succesful development of the Hydrogen Bomb. In 1952 he and Ernest Lawrence opened the Livermore Branch of the University of California Radiation Labratory, for the next 50 years Edward did his research there. Between 1956 and 1960 he proposed and developed the development of thermonuclear warheads that were small and light enough to be carried on submarines. He is known as the "father of the hydrogen bomb".
Teller published over a dozen books ranging inthe subjects of energy policies to defense issues. He has been awarded 23 honorary degrees, the Albert Einstein Award, and National Medal of Science for Physical Science. 2 months before his death Edward was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This is the nation's highest civil honor, it was presented at a ceremony conducted by George W. Bush himself at the White House.

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