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Because of Mr. Turpet

No description

Alexandra Mesquita

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Because of Mr. Turpet

Because of Mr. Turpet
Rob Buyea

5 Main Characters
Her home situation makes her an outcast.
Main Conflict
Mr.Turpet is the new teacher at snowhill elementary school, and all of the kid have their own way at school. Mr.Turpet is trying his best to teach them. Then one snowy day an accident happend that changed everyhing and everyone. The kids feel bad for what they did and tried to be the best they can be for the next year.
The Message I Learned
The message i learned from this book is to appreciate what i have like an education.
Snow Hill Elementary School
The climax is when all the kids have a different perspective about their teacher and their school.
My favorite Part
of the Book
In the beginning because i get to learn who the characters are and what they think about the new teacher.
: He is the new teacher at Snow Hill who came in the middle of the year.
A trouble maker in and out of the classroom.
She is a new student.
A bully one day, and your friend the next.
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